Solar Eclipse Party

Solar Eclipse Ceremony

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Hey Friends!

As you know there’s big celestial happenings on Monday. It’s not just any ordinary day, it’s a moment when the Moon (feminine) passes in front of the Sun (masculine), giving us a rare show and a powerful chance to shake things up in our lives.

So, what’s the plan? I received the guidance to throw an online gathering to dive deep into this eclipse energy. Think of it as a way to hit the reset button and bring those dreams of ours into reality.

Here in Texas the solar eclipse will begin its partial eclipse phase at 12:20CT and totality is set to begin around 1:40 to 1:44

Why You’ll Want to Be There:

It’s going to be a mix of chill vibes and some serious magic-making. Here’s what I’ve got lined up:

Chill Meditation Session: We’ll start with a meditation to get us all grounded and connected.

Setting the Stage: We’ll set intentions. Not just any intentions, but the kind that can really change your game.

Herb Magic: We’re also doing something cool with herbs like lavender, sage, and mint to clear out any fractured energy and boost our intentions.

Power Stones: Got a favorite crystal or stone? We’ll charge it up with the eclipse’s energy to make it your personal power booster.

Singing It Loud & Proud: We’ll wrap up by putting our intentions out there with our throat chakras, imbuing and anchoring this ceremonial energy.

Here’s the Deets:

When? Monday, April 8th @ 12:30CT
(Container opens @ 12:20 when the eclipse begins.)

Where? Online
We’re building a sacred spot for us to meet
(You’ll get the link once you sign up)

How? Sign Up Below

Cost? Your energy and presence
(Monetarily FREE)

This eclipse is a golden ticket to making things happen. Whether you’re all in on the mystical stuff or just eclipse-curious, you’re totally welcome.

I hope you’ll join us and make this eclipse a potent activation for our lives.

Here’s to transformation!!

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