Embark on a 3-Month Quest with Magick  Circle Coaching

Imagine mixing a sprinkle of intuition with your entrepreneurial drive to unlock extraordinary paths of success and harmony. That’s exactly what I’m inviting you to do with this small group coaching with me. It’s not just a program; it’s a 3-month expedition into the heart of where business acumen and intuitive insight collide, all within a vibrant community vibe.
Let’s Dive Deep Together Into Intuition, Business, Money, & Personal Growth!
Your Adventure Includes:

Bi-Monthly Gatherings

Every other week, we come together not just to talk but to transform. These sessions are your sanctuary for refining your intuitive edge, supercharging your business, and creating connections that matter. It’s where growth meets grounding in the most beautiful way.

Exclusive 1:1

Every month, you and I will dive deep in a 30-minute session tailored to your unique journey. We’ll explore how to more deeply entwine your intuition with your life’s work, crafting a path that’s authentic and uniquely yours.

Wisdom of the Universe

With a gentle nod to the Universal Laws, we’ll show you how these age-old truths can organically infuse your business and life with a flow of abundance, simplicity, and purpose.

A Tribe Like No Other

This container is about more than joining a coaching circle —it’s about becoming part of a like minded group of spiritual entrepreneurs that are committed to authentic growth, support, and a sprinkle of magic in the everyday.

Here’s What it Looks Like:
Option 1:
  • 2 live group coaching sessions every month via zoom (recordings available) AND
  • 1 – 30 min 1:1 coaching session with me each month.
Investment of $963
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Option 2:
  • 2 live group coaching sessions every month via zoom (recordings available) AND
  • Skip the 1:1 individual coaching sessions with me.
Investment of $888
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This will be a small group – so the spots are limited.

Consider it an investment in unlocking the most vibrant version of your business and yourself.

Why You’ll Absolutely Love It:
Lynnette Brown
  • Elevate Your Business with Heart: Discover the power of weaving intuition into your business strategy for success that feels good.
  • Custom Insights for Your Path: Receive personalized guidance that resonates deeply with your individual journey.
  • Discover Your Tribe: Connect with a group of kindred spirits all committed to genuine growth and support.
Are You In?
Feeling called to join? 
Claim your spot &  let’s create something incredible together, grounded and inspired by the infinite possibilities of intuition and connection.