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Book: You Don’t Look Psychic: Your Essential Guide to Tapping into your Natural Powers

The book “You Don’t Look Psychic” by Lynnette Brown and Divi Chandna is a guide to helping people develop their intuition and psychic abilities. The authors argue that everyone is psychic, but that we often don’t know how to use our intuition or we discount it as unimportant. They provide exercises and techniques to help readers tap into their intuitive gifts and use them to improve their lives.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part, “The Power of Intuition,” explores what intuition is and how it works. The authors discuss the different ways that people experience intuition, and they offer tips on how to strengthen your intuition.

The second part of the book, “Developing Your Psychic Abilities,” provides exercises and techniques to help you develop your psychic abilities. The authors cover a variety of topics, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and mediumship.

The third part of the book, “Using Your Psychic Abilities in Your Everyday Life,” provides guidance on how to use your intuitive abilities to make better decisions, solve problems, and create a more fulfilling life. The authors also offer their suggestions on how to redirect disempowering energies and how to share your gifts with others.

“You Don’t Look Psychic” is a comprehensive and practical guide to developing your intuition and psychic abilities. The authors offer a wealth of information and insights, and their exercises and techniques are easy to follow. If you’re interested in exploring your psychic potential, this book is a great place to start.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the book:

  • Intuition is a natural ability that everyone has.
  • Intuition is not about predicting the future, it’s about accessing information that is not readily available to us through our five senses.
  • We can all develop our intuition through practice and exercises.
  • Intuition can be used to make better decisions, solve problems, and create a more fulfilling life.
  • It’s important to protect ourselves from negative energies when we’re using our intuitive abilities.
  • We can share our intuitive gifts to be of service and support others in a way that is safe and ethical.

“I have found the tips about noticing signs and translating them into your own intuitive language very helpful. It became something I’ve been using daily (namely eagles, horses, horseshoes regularly show up on my path in different forms. And I had several coyotes one day). I feel like the chapters about Hermetic Principles and ULs is something I’m going to go back to and read many more times. I’m intuitively drawn to taking each principle and law and free write about it, to see what comes up. I feel like it hides many insights for me. It’s wonderful to have the book on hand to be able to go back to it at any time and access this knowledge. Thank you!!!”
-Xenia Vyazemskaya

“Of my favourites was chapter #7, The Rules Of The Cosmos. I had never heard about the Hermetic Principles and although I had read many books on the Universal Laws, I never really grasped the concepts. Another chapter that I loved was Chapter #2 & #3- X Marks the Spot and Let’s be Clair. Finally something that described what I was feeling. FYI my dominant Clair is Claircognizance followed by Clairsentiience.  This book is a gift and I know that I will return to it again and again as I navigate this incredible journey. The processes are a work in progress as I continue to learn and develop. Thank you for gifting this wisdom and for your passion and I cannot wait to read your next compilation of wisdom!
XO ~ Barbara”
-Barbara Manuel

“This book has been at my bedside with me when I work and every place in between. It is one of those books that I will not stop using. Every time I open it, I learn something new even if I have read the page multiple times. I’m using it to learn (obviously) but also as a reference manual and really diving into the processes that stick out for me. I realized how much I love the archetype work through the Driving the Boat Exercise and Sub-personality Meditation. I have started exploring my offering through the Taking Care of Business Section. I’ve read Chapter 7 more than any other section of the book. I am DEEPLY interested in and passionate about my ongoing connection to God. This chapter opened my eyes to how I have applied these laws without even knowing it and how much more thirsty I am to know more. If I could spend all day working towards that goal, I’d be entirely content. Alas, life calls and one must engage with others and the material world. I really do enjoy meditative and reflective work more than any other work. I am struggling with how to apply that to a business model. The most enjoyable work I’ve done in life is sponsoring people through and being sponsored through the 12 steps. Helping others find their connection to God is incredibly rewarding. I think this is the path I am on.”
-Jessica Anderson

“I think this may be the first book I have truly bought for ‘me’.  It feels like an indulgence of self-love when I pick it up.  I can’t say I have devoured it, because for me it needs to be digested in bit-sized pieces. It has gone slowly because it is like a soul nourishment that does not feel it can be rushed. I have read the first part twice up until the Hermetic Principles and the ULs. Then I find myself stuck here, but not stuck. More ‘hanging’ around because they are so profound and rich. I find myself pulled into a type of surprised awe, and they don’t want to really release me just yet. It’s like my mind won’t let me go on until I have a bit more understanding. So there is a part of the book before the Divine Prescriptions that I have not got to yet. It’s probably my first book review I have ever submitted in my life without being truly finished with the book, but I have not been able to get through its depths, despite my eagerness and excitement to. It will need to stay consciously in my heart and mind for a little longer.  But it is beauty and truth. It has made me feel belonging in a world I haven’t always felt I have fitted in. I feel there is so much possibility and purpose for me in its words. It’s like a slow remembering of self—acknowledgment and acceptance. “

You Don’t Look Psychic is an in-depth guide to everything intuition. It covers all the abc’s of spirituality and leaves no questions un-answered. It is a book that would benefit anyone from beginner to advanced and is an enjoyable and easy to follow.  I really enjoyed the section called “Identifying your dominant clair”. I answered all the questions and had an even tie between Clairsentience and Claircognizance which completely resonated for me.   

I also was blown away by the section on Universal Laws. I have been on a spiritual/intuitive path for almost as far back as I can remember, and I have never read such an in-depth description of the Universal Laws. It is something that I will likely reference many times going forward on my journey.   

The Take It Easy section also really resonated for me. I have often found myself trying too hard and it totally blocks me! This section was great reminders and advice.   

It goes without saying that the processes in this book are also tools that I will use for the rest of my life. They are so easy to follow and helpful! I’m so grateful for this book and it’s incredible, light shining writers.
-Lisa Franco

“You Don’t Look Psychic was very comprehensive!  While we have discussed many of the concepts in class it was helpful to dive deeper into everything from the physiology of intuition, to the importance of inner work to be a clear and open vessel, quantum physics, the difference between a psychic and an intuitive, and the myriad ways we can access and develop our intuition. I appreciated the many reminders that as long as we’re coming from a place of love and set our intention to be of service to the highest good of our clients we can’t ‘get it wrong’.

As someone who is just beginning to develop my intuition it was reassuring to be told, in many different ways, that there is no right way to be an intuitive, that there is no need to compare ourselves to others in the field because we all have unique gifts and unique ways of receiving Divine information, and that an awareness of what is happening with our ego is paramount in doing the work. Also that the most accurate intuitives are the ones who constantly practice their craft. I also appreciated the perspective that to do this work it is important to let go of our concerns with the ways others may perceive us, that listening to our inner voice trumps anyone’s opinion of us. ‘When we are seeking approval, we are resonating and aligning with the energy of fear, so it’s impossible to hold the polar opposite vibration of unconditional love, and we are not plugged into our Divine Guidance.’ (p.228)

I found the concrete examples of how to conduct an intuitive session really helpful, from the importance of grounding and creating sacred space, to thanking the guides and clearing energy. I know I will refer back to the questions listed in Part 3, Chapter 6: Troubleshooting Your Style, often. And I am looking forward to diving into the questions in the following chapter, Hanging Your Shingle, to get clear on what I want to offer future clients and why, and to consider the potential impacts for myself and my family should I find success with this work.

The entire Divine Prescriptions section is rich with tools, and I know I have only begun to scratch the surface here. I have used several of the meditations and processes, both for myself and with my coaching buddy, and I have found them all powerful and helpful. My goal by the end of the course is to have tried each meditation and process at least once. I have not yet done any of the Sacred Ceremonies, as I didn’t feel ready earlier, but I am planning to do the ‘Amplifying Your Offerings’ and ‘Attracting Ideal Clients’ soon!

One anecdote I wanted to share: I recently completed my 40th day of the Abundance Book. Each day of the sequence I would write that day’s principle at the top of a fresh page in my journal, meditate on it with eyes closed for at least 15 minutes, and then journal whatever came through. On the 40th day I was sitting on my deck and spent a few minutes sitting quietly with my eyes closed. Then I got the intuitive hit that I should open my eyes and look around. I saw my dog dozing on the deck in front of me, watched my old cat limp over to the water bowl and delicately lap up water, saw the plants in my planter boxes gently swaying in the breeze, saw (and heard) birds in the oak tree in front of me, and noticed how the sun fell in diagonal lines along the planks of the deck. Everything I looked at felt like it represented Sacred Abundance. I was acutely aware of the beauty surrounding me and of the sacredness of the moment. It felt fitting that I was compelled to open my eyes and look around during the final meditation of the 40 day abundance journey.

It felt like I finally ‘got’ the concept of abundance. That night in bed I was reading from You Don’t Look Psychic. I read Lynette’s story of the Getty Museum day and the energetic exchange that she and Divi had around their student in crisis. One line in particular stood out to me: ‘Look around and see with your Divine sight. What do you see?’ and what Lynette saw was love. That was exactly what had happened to me earlier that day on the deck, and as I read those words I realized that what I had named Sacred Abundance could also be called Divine Sight. And that, when we use our Divine Sight we will always see LOVE. What synchronicity!”
-Sarah Kennedy

“Reading ‘You Don’t Look Psychic’ took me some time because I fell into the trap of listening to my saboteur telling me that I didn’t deserve to be a part of the ICT course and I had stopped reading the book for awhile. Once I got back into it, I felt so much love flow through me, like my angels were smiling and saying: YES!!!! we are so happy you are listening to your intuition and following the path you are meant to be on.

I love your book, Lynnette and Dr. Divi. I find it so easy to follow and having the exercises and processes that I can meditate through have been very helpful. This book is so helpful explaining our clairs and the test to determine which is our dominant clair was super helpful for me. I used to reference your book to see if I was receiving Divine Guidance or False Guidance because I felt like I was often unsure but the more I practice, it’s becoming more clear now.

Chapter 5 is one I reference quite a bit and practice daily. I just love how everything is laid out so nicely and explained in a way that I can understand and practice different techniques. I have been noticing so many syncronicities, numbers, songs, animals, symbols. I’m learning to pay more attention and have my journal that I make note everyday. It was so helpful to read that we need to make our own association and meaning to the messages as they are different for everyone.

Before reading your book, I was too busy trying to find information on the internet about all the meanings instead of listening to my intuition and feeling through the messages. This beautiful book, You Don’t Look Psychic, is one that I will continue to reference and keep with my daily. Thank you so much. Forever Grateful. Xo”
-Rhonda Anderson

“I LOVED this book! I read it earlier as I felt super drawn to it. I was definitely struggling with differentiating intuition and ego/fear. This book explained it in a way that really resonated me. The idea that ANY negative emotion is that ego is saying something different than your divine self. Now as soon as I start feeling negative I meditate and ask my guides to help me gain a new perspective on the situation. I am loving the combination of this book with Ask and it is given regarding the allowing process and the different exercises. I am always pleasantly surprised when I do a process and have almost immediate shifts in my reality. Gives me confidence to keep going with this work!

The explanations of psychic vs intuitive vs mystic vs mediumship was a lightbulb moment. It gave me a lot of clarity that I didn’t even know I needed. You don’t know what you don’t know. When I started reading about mediumship and how you explain it, I got super emotional about it which was interesting.

I could go on forever, but the last point that is really sticking out in my mind about this book was the discussion regarding passing messages exactly as we hear them even if it seems harsh. I have had that happen to me. I can’t say I felt bad about it because I was laughing as I said it and sent it with love…but it gave me guidance moving forward that that is the correct way to do it and not to filter the messages. I was at that point believing that moving forward that I should filter the messages if that was ever to happen again. But this gives me great peace to know just to trust the guides know what they are doing 🙂 Beautiful work ladies! You are making an amazing impact on the world!”
-Meghan Lindgren

You Don’t Look Psychic is now my absolute Bible and Holy Grail for years to come.   

I feel like I will be reading it and re-reading it several times. The information is scientific, heartfelt, and emotional. I feel it is written in a capacity that could reach both the intellectual and the emotional whichever side an individual leans more towards.  

To start on page 27 the sentence was so powerful. “The abandonment in denial of our intuition has a price: our freedom, joy, and power.” The sentence stopped me dead in my tracks. It caused me to reflect on the last four years and realize that I have done the most unthinkable and absolutely abandoned and denied all my intuition and I did pay that price. My joy gone, my freedom gone, feeling like I’m living in a jail cell locked up key thrown away, my power gone, given away like it was nothing blowing in the wind fluttering, elusive.   

I knew this book would be so much more than just a fact-finding read.   

I loved reading about the success habits. I love the constant reminder both verbally and in the writing about how we must be aligned with our purpose. That feeling of success regardless of size shows us that we are making progress as pointed out on page 33.   

One thing you talk about throughout the book is the idea of having your own symbols your own symbology. I have not yet experienced this, and I am excited for when this will present itself to me. Although as I write the sentence I reflect on my trip to Hawaii and how around every turn and every corner on any street in Hawaii there was always a butterfly. Beautiful large orange butterflies.   

I think I have to learn how to trust my intuition more to realize that these butterflies for me are definitely the representation of what they’ve been for all of mankind I would think and lead me to metamorphosis and transformation.  

I also find I really resonated with page 47 where you pointed out intuition is not positive thinking. I like that because I feel like people embark into their worlds of trauma and disarray thinking that positive thinking is the way to go. When really it is so much more. It is that deep intuitive calling which is what they need to tune into and I feel sometimes positive thinking becomes a crutch. I hear it a lot with people I know where they say oh if I could only think positive or that didn’t work out because I wasn’t thinking positive. No, things aren’t working because you aren’t being intuitive you aren’t listening to all those elements of your body your gut and your heart and your brain, all those things that are screaming at you that you’re ignoring.   

I know because I’ve been there, and I just enjoy the identification that I received just from that one page. My inner work is all about fear and worthlessness.   

As on page 57 it says that through our own inner work and expansion, we can truly be a conduit of the Divine Energy. And on page 59 that the intuitive voice is always present looking at every situation through the lens of empowerment and it speaks to us through our gut feelings. I just feel like every word I read it does really empower me in this book. It’s telling me that my intuitive being, that I question and doubt because of my instilled and conditioned fears, is a beautiful gift to be nurtured and to align with my strong Divine Femininity. And with this commitment to myself in this course I know I will conquer my fear and work through my fear. Maybe those words are not appropriate.   

Maybe it’s more that I will walk with my fear hand-in-hand and let my fear know that it is loved and it is cherished and it is cared for and that I understand why it is here. And that we can walk forward together, and it will be OK and I’ve got this.   

I wish at this stage I could memorize the Hermetic principles and the Universal Laws! I know I will one day! I just found I had to read this book so slow because I was devouring and ingesting every single word. Every single concept and construct I was just eating up hungrily ravishing and wanted more and more.   

I can’t wait to read them again and again and again and be able to spout out at any time to anyone! Another truly aha moment was on page 169 about sirens. It says sirens are a great attention getter; it’s as if the universe is shouting, “hey listen right now!!” I have been going to Hawaii almost every year except for a few pauses when I lived in LA and Australia and as well for Covid. But I’ve been going almost every year since I was six years old. I have never in all these years, and I am now 49, experienced as many sirens going off in the Waikiki area as I did this last trip. Every day multiple sirens constantly. And it was the trip of contrast and clarity because it was an emotional traumatic trip that led to an immense amount of clarity in my marriage. And then when I read the siren thing, I was like I get it! I absolutely, positively get it!   

And I think this is the key when you’re in with your clients during intuitive sessions is that when you’ve experienced it and lived it and can understand it allows you to make a deeper connection and gives you the awareness of all the signs and symbols and the potentiality for their meaning. And don’t get me started about energy vampires! It’s like I have a sign on my forehead that says please if you are an energy vampire step this way and suck all the life out of me. Is a good reminder about how it’s important to set limits and boundaries and practice not reacting to energy vampires as stated on page 179.   

When I was reading how we may feel about being physically ill with headaches, achy, stress, irritable, or physically mentally exhausted. I shouted hallelujah because this has been my life for five years with my energy vampire husband sucking the life out of me as he’s going through all his trauma. But the difference now is I realize it’s not his fault it’s my responsibility to protect myself and my energy and my well-being from that. We had an incident yesterday where his energy was off, and I am very, very, very sensitive to people’s energy.   

The minute it’s off slightly I’m very affected and I go down the proverbial rabbit hole of darkness. So, I asked him twice how he was he said he was OK and he said he was happy but I knew very damn well that the energy was off it wasn’t himself. But that particular day instead of hounding and hounding and pushing to the limit until finally he might say something I don’t want to hear or that is vicious or cruel or a thought that I shouldn’t of pushed I built a black box around me. And it was a black box because I pictured his energy as being black dark energy and as it was thrown at me the black box sucked that black battered energy and it became part of the protection mechanism and kept repelling all the black energy it was using. I had a great morning an absolutely great morning got past it and later that day he goes you know I realize I didn’t really sleep that well last night and actually was feeling pretty grumpy today.   

So, I just needed that tool which if it wasn’t for reading this book I never even would have thought of that tool. Especially as the book explained to me that those who are Clairsentience definitely have emotional impacts when under and overusing their intuition. So, it all makes sense that I do have an overworked energetic system begging for refueling as outlined on page 214. The evidence for over or under use was sinus infections, allergies, anxiety, exhaustion, emotional outburst, disease in the body so I got six out of eight!   

This really makes me more aware of how I must treat myself with my gift of my abilities. Every single page was folded and highlighted so I could probably write a novel on this book. But it’s just the perfect combination for an intuitive going forward looking to embrace themselves and looking for the information. The divine prescriptions contents are absolutely a life force!   

Again, another part of the book that I will be reading over and over and over and soon memorizing. I think a good way to sum up my relationship with this book is to quote on page 278 “when you show up, the universe will always meet you”. Thank you for this beautiful gift called You Don’t Look Psychic.”
-Dana Birkenthal

Meditation Audio

Divine Abundance “Meditations for Attracting Wealth & Prosperity”

Meditation made easy through guided imagery and visualization. This guided visualization and meditation audio helps you relax your mind and body with music set at different frequencies that tap into your Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brainwaves while assisting you in the creation of having great abundance in your life. The end result is a guided trip inside your mind to quiet your thoughts, feel good while helping you develop greater depths of calmness and self-awareness, which will help you to cultivate greater appreciation for yourself and others. This audio takes the mystery out of the visualization practice to create and have divine abundance in your life.

Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: Meditation 1-Quick Morning Tune-Up
Track 3: Meditation 2-Morning Creation
Track 4: Meditation 3-Pathway to Wealth
Track 5: Affirmations


“I listen to Lynnette’s Divine Abundance CD every day and I’ve seen my business increase and my stress melt away. Thank you Lynnette!”
–BL | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“This CD is like magic! Who knew creating wealth working with my subconscious mind would be so easy?”

–JDS | San Francisco, CA

“Love all the options and different visualizations”

–H Smithe | TX

“Divine magic – that’s what it is!! Thanks Lynnette!!”

–SM Griffith | AZ

Meditation Audio

Divine Partnership “Meditations for Attracting Sacred Love & Partnership”

This guided visualization and meditation audio helps you relax your mind and body with music set at different frequencies to tap into your Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brainwaves while assisting you in the creation of having sacred love and partnership in your life. The end result is a guided tour inside your consciousness to quiet your thoughts, feel good while helping you develop greater depths of calmness and self-awareness. This audio takes the mystery out of the visualization practice to create and have sacred partnership in your life.

Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: Meditation 1-Quick Morning Tune-Up
Track 3: Meditation 2-Morning Creation
Track 4: Meditation 3-Pathway to Love
Track 5: Affirmations


“I can’t believe the difference in my life since working with these amazing visualizations for sacred partnership and love. Since using Lynnette’s guided imagery I have had more dates with men of a significantly higher caliber than before.”
–M. Stefinopoles | OR

“Thank you Lynnette for showing me an easy way to create a higher level of love in my life!”

–Andrea S. | HI

“Not only has my marriage improved but I’ve also seen a huge shift in my business life, with more collaborative partnerships. I didn’t expect that!!”

–M.H. | CO

Money Magnet Meditation

Money Magnet Meditation

This guided visualization and meditation audio helps you relax your mind and body with music set at different frequencies to tap into your Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brainwaves while assisting you in the creation of transforming into a money magnet. The end result is a guided tour inside your consciousness to quiet your thoughts, feel good while helping you develop greater depths of calmness and self-awareness. This audio takes the mystery out of the visualization practice to become a money magnet.


“I can’t believe how easy and powerful this is. I should have started using it earlier. Thank you Lynnette.”
–M.L. | CA