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Let’s take the road of least resistance through Universal Laws & Energy Dynamics with Lynnette Brown, a law of attraction coach, author, and internationally known intuitive.

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Work with Lynnette Brown! Embrace your inner superhero and conquer the entrepreneurial world with intuition by your side! From sessions and coaching, to courses, and free tools, transform your life and business with an array of Conscious Strategies’ resources.


With profound insight, keen intuition, and unique abilities, Lynnette Brown can help you use your innate intuitive abilities to manifest abundance, as well as create incredible transformations in your personal and professional life!


Transform your life for a better future and become a Certified Intuitive Coach in 9 months.


Support your access to the Divine and jump start your intuitive skills and ability to manifest abundance through the Conscious Strategies Blog, Universal Law Series, and Mystical Tool Series, including regarding Crystals, Runes, Pendulums, Cards, Mala Beads/Rosary, and a simple piece of paper.


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With profound insight, keen intuition, and unique abilities…I can help you use your innate intuitive abilities to create incredible transformations in your personal and professional life as well as provide you with details and options that success coaches and consultants are often unable to provide. I have been instrumental in assisting many to gain clarity, define and attain goals, and subsequently live extraordinary lives…and I can help you too! Are you looking to transform your life and/or your business? Are you dreaming of accomplishing a goal, but aren’t sure how? Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed and are not sure what to do? {LEARN MORE}

Personal Transformation for a Better Future

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Experience empowering consultations waking up your intuition, teaching you how to do intuitive readings, and connecting with your Divine voice. These can be conducted either in person or by phone for a minimum of one hour. Sessions will inspire each individual to be their greatest self, release any blockages from attaining any desire, learn a deeper level of self-love, and assist the you in moving towards your AWESOME future. I’ll also offer guided meditations and healing work if you desire. You may schedule yourself for one session, or a series-there is no minimum required. {Learn More}

Uncover how to start a different conversation on money. Money is an energy- and our ability to be with the energy of money and practicing this will lead you to incredible abundance and freedom. Create an entirely different dynamic in your business and personal experience and manifest abundance, by changing your conversation around the energy we call money. Freedom from limiting beliefs and sabotage. ***As a bonus, are you living the life of your dreams? Do you worry about money? Download my FREE “Super Hero Training” to change your life! {LEARN MORE}

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Meet Lynnette Brown!


My name is Lynnette Brown and I’m an internationally known business intuitive. I’ve been practicing professionally since 1999. I built my business skills and knowledge base working for a prestigious Houston law firm, but chose to leave the industry to assist people with growth and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives via my intuitive skills. I’m a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Master, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Certified Medium & Intuitive, author, and an Intuitive Success Coach. I’m dedicated to helping people live the lives of their dreams, as well as offer the insights and tools to help them reach these ends. A mother of two, I’m living the life of my dreams. Click here to Learn More.

With Gratitude,

Lynnette Brown