Manifesting Abundance & Wealth in Tough Times

Attracting wealth in times of contrast can be challenging. In this event we will embrace and work with the natural cycles of money to create more peace and freedom in your life.  We’ll do this through multiple sacred energy techniques, including intuition practices, Universal Laws, candle work, runes, hypnotherapy, meditation, sacred ceremony and so much more. 

Does any of this sound familiar?
  • Financial experts predicting an economic recession brings you anxiety and stress.
  • The thought of a financial tightening, impacts your body (i.e. the rate of your heart beat or breath changes).
  • Your strategic plan, and conscious strategy for yourself and your business during an economic shift can use some clarity and strengthening. 
  • The thought of manifesting abundance and wealth excites you!
Manifesting abundance & wealth is a shift away.

Manifesting is about bringing into existence through energetic attraction – that which you put out into the world. It’s about bringing into realty the seeds of thoughts and emotions you have planted throughout your life. Abundance, the opposite of scarcity, is about fullness and having plenty. Accordingly, manifesting abundance and what you desire is about believing and feeling your wealth and abundance, focusing your vision and ACTIONS to attract such, and then gratefully receiving what’s yours. It’s about shifting your mindset from one of scarcity, doubt, undeserving, discomfort, and/or guilt TO one of abundance, confidence, comfort, and belief.

Manifesting Abundance

You see…

  • The nature of life is all about expanding and contracting. The moon has her phases. The ocean has her high and low tides.  The seasons have its wheel of change. Everything in nature has cycles – phases of change.
  • Given that everything – every single thing has a vibe, frequency, and resonance – we can actually work with these cycles to create peace and ease in our life.  
  • Money operate in the same fashion – why do you think it’s called currency? We have our ebb, flow, and the point in between them both, the still point we sometimes call a lull. We can work with these cycles to attract abundance and wealth.
  • Although it’s in our human nature to feel stress and anxiety during a lull, if you understand and work with energy, then you know that HOW you respond in these times determines how long the rhythm of your lull lasts.

Understanding the cycles of money like the seasons of nature , you can uncover how to work with them, like you prepare for the winter freeze or summer heat.

When you understand the natural energy cycles of money, you can easily move through them instead of resisting and struggling against them – creating more suffering and pain. That said, knowing this isn’t enough, it doesn’t solve everything. You must understand and interact with the energy, respecting the cycle – preparing for your seasons of wealth. How do you do this? Your access point is through Universal Laws. Utilizing these statutes of universal wisdom gives you a way to work with the energy when you feel the discomfort of the contraction cycle of your money flow.   

Manifesting Abundance & Wealth in Tough Times

That which we resist, persists! In this 8-week event, we will unpack and release the fears, anxiety, and chaos that accompanies your lulls, those which have hindered your ability to manifest the abundance and wealth you desire. During this event, we will explore your lulls and through  Universal Laws, with advanced intuition and sacred energy techniques, as well as amping up your magic and connection with crystals, ceremony, candle work, runes, hypnotherapy, meditation, and much more – you will understand the cycles of money and work with them to manifest abundance & wealth.

Program Includes:

  • 8 Live ZOOM group events.
  • Tools to manifest your abundance and wealth, as well as ease your stress.
  • Intuitive readings throughout the event supporting you in healing any blocks in allowing your wealth.
  • Experience a shift in your money paradigm.
  • BONUS: Weekly meditations to download for your personal use – to build your broadcasting during all money cycles.

Event Details:

February 19, 26,
March 5, 12, 19, 26, 
April 2, 9

TIME: 4pm PT/6pm CT/7pm ET

Manifesting Abundance in Tough Times
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