What are Universal Laws & why are they important?

Universal Laws


I have been continually receiving Divine Guidance to do a blog series on Universal Laws (ULs). There is often so much haze and confusion around Universal Laws as well as why they are even important to recognize.  

If you google what are Universal Laws – you get a whopping 596 MILLION results… Pretty big numbers – right? Makes you wonder what all the googling is about. 

What are Universal Laws & why are they important? 

I have always been intrigued by the Universal Laws and in our book, “You Don’t Look Psychic”, I had the privilege to really dig into the research and practicum. There are different theories and ideas as to Universal Laws – some folks say there are 9, others 12, still others 33. I’ve learned over the 2+ decades of being a professional intuitive and success coach that it’s important to communicate responsibly – hopefully with the same language. Words hold meaning so let’s approach this first by asking what is a law and what makes it universal?

Webster defines a law as a binding custom or practice of a community; the whole body of such customs, practices or rules; a statement of an order or relation of phenomena that is known to not vary under given conditions. 

What makes a law universal? When a law is universal it applies everywhere, at every time, past, present and future. It doesn’t change. 

Universal Laws are a powerful inseparable dynamic that work together and apply to everything, in every time or place. And like an intricate puzzle the picture isn’t revealed without each and every piece contributing. These Laws govern everything on the planet – to understand them and embrace them is to learn how to live in harmony making your success inevitable. They show us how to build trust and flow to have a great life. 

Does this sound like a lot of spiritual mumbo jumbo to you? I suggest you take the challenge to get to know them, deliberately use the roadmap they provide and see how your life changes. If you aren’t clear on what you want? ULs are your answer. If you don’t know how to live your life on purpose? ULs are your roadmap. Feeling like an imposter? ULs will show you the truth. Not sure how to increase your monthly income? ULs will fill your account.

Here’s what I know to be true. These ULs aren’t going to magically make everything you want instantly appear, but they do show you how to manifest, to create big changes and true magic. I’ve seen this first hand in my personal life as well as in my clients’ lives. As an intuitive these ULs give me stable footing in times when my life has been wobbly, pandemic anybody? Another big plus is they show me how to understand others especially when we may not agree. 

This is why these ULs have been around since the days of Hermes Trismegistus. They work!  In those days these secrets were held as sacred and only shared by word of  mouth, to make sure who was receiving this valuable wisdom could comprehend and utilize its magical mystery appropriately. 

And with all mystical wisdom there is a double sided edge to these ULs. There is a responsibility of accountability that comes with this mystery. That is the knowing that each of us are truly the creator of our experiences. What this means is you have no one to blame for your life except your inability to see and use these incredible tools to help you. (This my friends, is where many folks go south in understanding and applying these ULs. Because they fail to take accountability and ownership of being the creators of their experiences. There’s always someone else to blame. Their boss, partner, kiddos.) Here lies the responsibility of magic – ownership and accountability – failure to have those will leave your manifestations in the dark, never seeing the light of day. 

While that may sound ominous – trust me it isn’t – it’s just like the lifeguard that says “no running around the pool”. As long as we remember we are in charge we can move worlds. 

Next week we’ll begin our voyage into the individualized magical lands of the Universal Laws and how to use them in everyday life. 

Until then here are some prompts to consider diving into:

This week’s meditation/writing prompts:

If I could have any experience this year what would it be? 

What is one pattern of disempowerment I would like to change? (thoughts, beliefs, habits)

How can I be more open to practicing and working in alignment with the Universal Laws this week? 

I hope you have a magical week!