Universal Law Series – Hermetic Principle of Mentalism

The ALL is mind; The Universe is mental.” – The Kybalion

All of the Universe exists in the mind of the ALL. That’s a big statement. What does it mean? 

What I see in this potent foundational principle is the Divine is expressed in everything – from the smallest particle to the expansive universe. All living beings are connected to each other through our minds. This Hermetic Principle of Mentalism shows us that nothing exists without thought; for anything to come into being, a thought has to precede it. It tells us manifestation comes from our mind, our thoughts, our focus. 

Nothing exists without thought. 

Just let that sit with you for a moment. 

How is your body responding to the thought that nothing (including it) exists without your thought of it? 

You can see why the authors of the Kybalion spent 4 chapters lying the foundation of this very important principle because it is the basis upon which all the other principles and laws stand. Without embracing this principle, deliberate manifestation will be futile.  Mentalism passes down the ancient wisdom that our mind is the projector showing the movie we are living and believing is real. When we embrace this principle we understand we choose which movie is playing as well.

“Let me tell you why you’re here. You are here because you know something. What you know, you can’t explain. But you feel it.” – Morpheus, ‘The Matrix’ (1999).

The best way that I have found to describe working with this aspect of Mentalism is through the movie The Matrix?  The main character Neo awakens to the reality that the world he lives in is a mental construct created by the “architect.” Hauntingly apparent is that he nor anyone else ever knew they were living inside this matrix of non-reality. This Hermetic Principle (HP) is telling us exactly that – we are living in a mental construct, a world constructed by our thoughts and the thoughts of our culture and society. 

Because the Universe is a mental projection, our thoughts are what is being shown on that movie screen. This explains the true nature of energy, power and matter and that they are secondary to the mastery of the mind. Clearly this is why Mentalism is the foundation to all Universal Laws (ULs) because it reflects consciousness over matter and energy; our consciousness (thought) is what creates and it directs the energy and matter to come into form. Quantum physics has even proven this –  our entire universe is created by our conscious and subconscious mind, our thoughts and emotions. 

Consider this thought:

The Universe is a mental creation of the ALL – of the Divine – of Itself.

Our world is created through our mind (movie projector) and the programming of that mind. If your mind is set to the programming that the world is a beautiful place – that is what you will see and experience because it is the movie your projector is playing. On the other hand if the movie you’re playing is a horror feature then you will see the world as dangerous and scary.  

Why is this important? Because this shows us we have the power to create worlds. That’s true, isn’t it? Right now I can create a world like a god by putting words on paper weaving a story, others read it and it will exist in their minds. Those people may share or retell my story, even if they add in their own flair to it, still the story that I told could change lives in ways I may never know. This thing, this article, this story, that project that started just as a thought in the mind could have a powerful ripple effect through Mentalism. Just as the thoughts that are stirring within you now. 

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” Lao Tzu

Another reason this is valuable is this shows us we can use our thoughts to affect the physical world, including our own. That is magic folks! The decoded wisdom here is that through our ability to redirect thought we can change our experience. Turn a tough day into an easier one, upset into peace. This principle really helped me when I was writing our book,You Don’t Look Psychic”. Because it was such a big project with some challenging subjects and deadlines at times my mind would just want to run away and stop. Having the conscious awareness of the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism gave me the freedom to know that it was just my stinkin’ thinking getting in the way. My projector was defaulting to a horror movie. 

We use this principle to direct our mental states, and as a result, our reality.  We activate it through meditation, noticing our thoughts for a moment, reciting mantras, practicing visualizations, working with your crown chakra, exercising or toning. So those days when my mind was screaming to stop writing – I stopped, noticed my thoughts, took a breath, went outside or even meditated for a few minutes and my mental state shifted. 

The message of this ancient spiritual technology is our mind, our programming is what creates our world. This Hermetic Principle allows you to design your own world. To truly create our own reality, to create you – Y.O.U. – Your Own Universe. 

What do you say? Are you willing to take on the role of being the architect of your life? 

You are the director and producer of your movie – make it a great one!




Here are some meditation and writing prompts to encourage you living with and in awareness of the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism. 

  • What you think about, comes about. What did you noticed about the direction of your thoughts today? 
  • What is my usual mindset point throughout the day? 
  • Today I practiced mindfulness and realized……
  • How can I redirect my thoughts to allow what I want? 
  • What is my perspective of this situation? What do I imagine is the other person’s perspective of this situation? Use this when you are feeling at odds with another person to support you in seeing your mindset.  
  • Creative writing exercise: Create a world through your creative writing – write the story, build the landscape, and characters along with all their interesting habits and personalities. As you write this short little story notice that YOU are the creator – the god building this world.

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