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What Clients Are Saying…
Work with Lynnette Brown! Embrace your inner superhero and conquer the entrepreneurial world with intuition by your side! From sessions and coaching, to courses, and free tools, transform your life and business with an array of Conscious Strategies’ resources.

Lynette immediately put me at ease, describing the way she works and how she receives information from the other side. I felt certain she was communicating with my son. The fact that he was joking around with his imagery helped me feel reassured that he was in a good place. I left the session feeling empowered with the insight I received and the new direction to help other parent’s overcome the loss of a child.
~Janet Kaufman

Lynnette is a life changer. My heart and soul are so much more loving, strong and capable because of the work we have done together. My future plans all excite me, this is one of the biggest gifts Lynnette has given me: the clarity to manifest the life I want. I recommend Lynnette with the highest regard because I know that she is in my corner, she listens and does so much work for me behind the scenes, and most of all because I always feel that she is rooting for me. I know that with Lynnette in my corner I am supported, loved, seen and even admired. I love her so much! ~Sarah Lye, BC Canada.

Lynnette has guided me to achieve more and reach for levels higher than I dreamed possible, teaching me tools, and supporting and encouraging me as I create my grandest vision. My sessions with Lynnette Brown have entered the realm of magical. She is a wonderfully gifted teacher and shares from her heart. Thank you, Lynnette. ~Holly Reese, California, Entrepreneur

Lynnette has guided and supported me through major life transitions, both personal and professional. Her clear and accurate intuitive guidance along with her professional accountability are a definite asset. She’s up to date on holistic aspects of business and personal development with the edge for success. Working with her under a retainer basis has allowed me to have consultations weekly as well as on-going access if needed. Lynnette has showed me a new way of being, and now I am living a powerful life of joy. ~Kathy Milburn, San Diego, Ca


“This book has been at my bedside with me when I work and every place in between. It is one of those books that I will not stop using. Every time I open it, I learn something new even if I have read the page multiple times.”
-Jessica Anderson

You Don’t Look Psychic is an in-depth guide to everything intuition. It covers all the abc’s of spirituality and leaves no questions un-answered. It is a book that would benefit anyone from beginner to advanced and is an enjoyable and easy to follow…I also was blown away by the section on Universal Laws.”
-Lisa Franco

“You Don’t Look Psychic was very comprehensive!  While we have discussed many of the concepts in class it was helpful to dive deeper into everything from the physiology of intuition, to the importance of inner work to be a clear and open vessel, quantum physics, the difference between a psychic and an intuitive, and the myriad ways we can access and develop our intuition. I appreciated the many reminders that as long as we’re coming from a place of love and set our intention to be of service to the highest good of our clients we can’t ‘get it wrong’.”
-Meghan Lindgren

Meeting Lynnette was the catalyst for the greatest changes in my life. The weekend after I met and worked with Lynnette on an intuition retreat in Whistler, BC, something awoke in me that was fiery and ferocious. A knowing had been activated. I knew that I had to work with her and there was no other option. It just was. I started working with her weekly straight after the retreat. Even though I wasn’t sure where the money would come from, I just knew with every cell in my being that I needed to spend time with her. I had never felt as seen, understood, or held. Fast-forward six years and Lynnette remains to be one of the most sacred relationships in my life.

I met Lynnette at a time when I had deep rumblings of change and a desire to step into my gifts, but I had so much fear in terms of what that looked like and if I could actually do intuitive work. An aspect of Lynnette that I immediately gravitated towards is her intense maternal energy which is also laced with really practical teachings around intuition and manifestation. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a keen sense of knowing who can hold me and my fire, and who can’t. I knew that Lynnette could not only hold me, but she could also challenge and support me. She could show up in a way that would teach me how to do the same. Lynnette is an elder who can run with the cool kids too. She’s unapologetic about who she is, and has been before doing that became cool. You know when you sit with Lynnette that she has likely been through similar experiences to you, and she’s walked through them in an integrated way that allows her to hold you in it. Intuition and universal laws aren’t just something Lynnette teaches, she truly lives and breathes them.

It’s challenging to express my gratitude for all of the work that we have done together over the past six years. I can say with full confidence that I absolutely would not be where I am without Lynnette. She has held me and the vision for my life with complete confidence and solidarity. When you work with Lynnette, you feel held within her heart. You can bring what you’ve got to her, and she will stay standing, looking deep into your eyes; reminding you who you are.

Thank you for being my most cherished teacher, friend, and witchy sister. 

I love you. 

-Chloe E.