What is clarity and how to achieve it

Sue Krebs once described clarity as, “Clarity comes from knowing what you want and from moving in the direction of it. Your Soul is guiding and supporting you every step of the way!” As a coach and intuitive, common questions I hear are: “How does one go about finding their passion and purpose in life?” […]


When success makes you feel like a fake Have you ever looked at your accomplishments and just shrugged them off thinking, “I was just doing my job, that’s what they pay me for” OR perhaps you don’t take notice of your big or small wins? If so, you may be experiencing what psychologists, Pauline Clance […]

Mindful eating can help you lose weight

Studies indicate mindful eating can help you lose weight. Also referred to as intuitive eating, mindful eating is the practice of being present, attentive, and focused on the tastes, smells, presentation, textures, and your feeling when eating. In fact, a study by North Carolina State University reveals practicing mindful eating can help you lose weight […]

Mindfulness or Meditation?
How about a scoop of both?

It’s summer time and why not take a deep dive into the cool waters of awareness? It’s a great way to keep you on track without breaking a sweat! I’m often asked by my coaching clients… “What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness?” And quite honestly…there’s so much on both topics. If you google […]

How to reach your goals faster

  In my coaching practice, clients often ask how do I reach my goal faster? My answer? Momentum. Momentum is the energy that carries any thought or idea through to fruition. It’s the engine in your car of life. It is a crucial point in determining if there will be success or failure when you […]

3 Steps to Get Unstuck

Do you ever find yourself having the same thing happen over and over again, like a bad rerun from the 80s? I sure did. For me, it was dating. Always dated the same guy, just with a different body; or a different guy, but the same relationship. Inevitably, I constantly ended back at the same […]

Trick or Treat

It’s that time of year – the leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are cooling down and we’re entering into the fall – where the nights are longer and colder. What better way to celebrate this transition than Halloween, sugary treats and a trick or two? Samhain Back in the days of the Celts they […]

Declutter your mind

Eleanor Brownn once said, “Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.” A cluttered mind does more damage than weigh you down. It’s a manifestation of yours fears, stresses, and life ambiguities, holding you back and distracting you from […]

Multi Tasking – A Lose-Lose Proposition

Do you ever find yourself multi-tasking? I’m sure you already know that it’s a lose-lose proposition. (Talking on the phone while driving? Dumb idea. Texting while driving? Really dumb idea.) But even seemingly benign multitasking—like chatting with a friend while sending out an office e-mail—isn’t as efficient or harmless as we might believe. A study […]

Law of Attraction – Simplicity Complicated

How many times have you set a goal with the best of intentions to accomplish it, yet it doesn’t work out? I have seen so many easily confused about how to successfully accomplish big goals while living an enlightened and spiritual lifestyle. Many become disenchanted when things don’t happen as expected and ultimately feel defeated. […]