Law of Attraction – Simplicity Complicated

Law of Attraction
How many times have you set a goal with the best of intentions to accomplish it, yet it doesn’t work out? I have seen so many easily confused about how to successfully accomplish big goals while living an enlightened and spiritual lifestyle. Many become disenchanted when things don’t happen as expected and ultimately feel defeated. If this sounds familiar, then this is the perfect time to master the Law of Attraction.

When implementing the Universal Law of Attraction completely into your daily life, more opportunities become available. However, most unknowingly complicate the divine simplicity of this law and unnecessarily prevent creating opportunities, empowerment, and success. This became so apparent to me when I was coming back from being with friends in Atlanta. While walking through the airport I started to sense heaviness within me. My subconscious autopilot kicked in and started running the looping thoughts of the past that were not happy or empowering. In that moment, I instantly stopped in my tracks and cognitively acknowledged I was choosing something that did not align with my desires. It was a choosing point, a fork in the road, as to what I was going to align with and create.

I immediately chose a thought that made me laugh and instantly the heaviness lifted, allowing me to create more thoughts of empowerment and love. This shifted everything and I happily went about my way. I even had some magical interactions, from 3 men jumping up to help me place my bag in the overhead compartment to making a new friend.

When we are aligned with our desires and no longer choose our stinkin’ thinkin’ we create opportunities in big ways. Then it is our responsibility to follow those opportunities and take action! This universal law is beautifully simple, but it takes the practice of being present and responsible for each thought and emotion we align ourselves with, which can seem daunting. If you make practicing a game, it will become easier and subsequently work with your subconscious to create a new default for your automatic thinking.

Join me in the game of joy and see what magic it creates for you, your loved ones, and the world.


I easily align my thoughts, feelings & communications with my divine intentions.


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