How to reach your goals faster

In my coaching practice, clients often ask how do I reach my goal faster?

My answer? Momentum.

Momentum is the energy that carries any thought or idea through to fruition. It’s the engine in your car of life.

It is a crucial point in determining if there will be success or failure when you receive an idea.

If it is directed deliberately, momentum will build energy bridging the gap from having the idea to bringing it to fruition.

When you doubt or don’t trust your ideas, it puts a kink in the flow, slowing down the accomplishment of your goal. This is much like folding a water hose and slowing the flow of water.

Utilizing momentum, you choose the speed limits of your life. You decide how fast you want to take the curves and switchbacks.

Here’s how it works:

Generalizing – Slow it down

To slow your momentum, imagine rough, mountain roads with switchbacks around every turn, twists and turns, you probably wouldn’t feel safe driving100 mph across that treacherous terrain.

Same goes when you start to feel a wobble, or you hear the voice of your evil twin (admit it we all have one – it’s why we’re superheroes – we use our power for good not evil 😉 ) taunting you, this is when you want to direct your momentum the way you would drive on that precarious mountain road. You want to slow your roll, make sure you have an aerial view, keeping the big picture (ie: your safe arrival) in the forefront of your mind, moment to moment.

Detailing – Speed it up

To speed up momentum towards a goal consider the autobahn in Europe. The road is mapped out ahead of you and smooth pavements. You feel great driving your master crafted vehicle at higher speeds, you know the destination, and now you are ensconced in the experience of feeling the road, paying attention to every little detail, other drivers, the lines, the curves, the shoulder, aware and ready to adjust your trajectory in a heartbeat.

On days when you feel things are going your way – that shows your alignment is directed towards your goals, the more you focus on every detail of what is going great about your day, the faster your momentum increases (just like the autobahn) and the better you will feel. This is when the opportunity comes a’nockin’.

Here in the states, they mark our Driver’s Education cars with big, bold colors and lettering so everyone knows there’s someone new at the wheel and to watch out!! The same goes with deliberately working with your momentum, you are going to wonder, “Who’s Driving this thing anyway?”

When you first start working deliberately with your momentum you may find the road is a bit bumpy getting started, but just like riding a bike once you start pedaling it’s easier to steer. So, while you may wobble from side to side, just keep pedaling, it will soon straighten out!

And yes, there were times I didn’t realize my focus needed readjusting until I was already in the “weeds” lost, frustrated with no map. Trust me, getting out of those dead ends took time, energy and support from my community.

That’s why I’ve been guided to offer this Vortex Integration Program, so you’re not ever out there in the weeds without a map. So that week to week you are able to more easily redirect and build a speedy pathway to what you want in your life.

Learn more and sign up for the Vortex Integration Program here.

Most people believe momentum is built through force – pushing something away, dragging it towards you, making it happen, exerting energy. Truth is momentum can be your friend and a great tool if you know how to use it. If you direct your momentum (by directing your thought) towards your goals, your dreams, your desires you will HAVE success.

When you hit roadblocks, an irritable partner, a prickly boss or a mistake in your perfect presentation; that’s the time to practice working with your momentum. This is where the magic happens! You choose whether to speed it up – making everything bigger or slow it down so you can redirect the course.

For instance, with that irritable partner, you can easily meet them on their slippery race track of momentum by seeing all the “proof and faults” for the “problem”. When you join them on that slick asphalt you not only loose traction on our own path and goals, but also divert energy away from your goals to those of another, setting yourself up on a collision course to disappointment. (Which usually looks like unfulfilled expectations.)

OR an alternate route:

When that prickly boss or irritable partner shows up, you can navigate your momentum like that back-mountain road, taking a general and higher perspective, like the eagle soaring above. So instead of jumping into their momentum by getting agitated, trying to make them feel better or my personal favorite – trying to fix it, you focus on the situation from a higher perspective, instead of agreeing with what is making them angry, you see them as something other than what they are exhibiting in that moment.

And, when you are able see that prickly boss as a leader, even though right now they’re not being that, you will add to your own path, because the energy you would’ve put towards drama and feeling bad you’ve now directed more attention and energy towards something that inspires you. And then great things start happening, amazing “coincidences”, money coming from places you weren’t expecting.

Being somewhat of a hippy chick I love music and the arts, and seeing things playing out in life before my eyes always surprises and delights me – still, even after all these years. Like how great musicians seem to find their way to each other for huge collaborative works, like The Traveling Wilburys, they all came together because Roy Orbison was cutting a track with George Harrison and Jeff Lynne at Bob Dylan’s home studio, Dylan had left his guitar at Tom Petty’s house and went to retrieve it and invited Petty to join them. Each of them big names in their own right, yet their divine attraction and momentum brought them to this amazing crescendo of collaboration.

Proving once again that momentum rules! Which is easy to see when things are going your way.

But, what about when they aren’t?

In the past when things went sideways I knew I needed to throw my alignment in reverse and send my momentum in a big U turn. Doing that required focus, and maintaining focus required commitment. That’s where I got stumped. Keeping momentum going in the direction I wanted it to go, towards my goals, dreams, and desires on my own was having results but not to the level I wanted. I tried myself and I kept having the same results, half-hearted success.

I had to make the commitment to show up for myself, to be open to what divine intelligence was showing me, then trust and follow. And it wasn’t until I experienced this Vortex Integration Program with my coach that I finally broke through the roadblocks of my success. It gave me the chance to really steep in an expanded state of allowing, my dreams and desires amplified because of being in a group setting.

I saw the benefits I was having by

1. showing up with my coach,
2. staying in the momentum of what I was creating for longer periods than I could solo,
3. utilizing group energy and intention to magnify the experience

In the short period of time of using this practice my coaching business has grown 40%, received 4 free tickets to Hawaii, money is coming in from places we never imagined AND I had just had to invite you to join me!

The Traveling Wilburys trusted their momentum and some guys hanging out turned into a sweet independent collaboration of soul and connection.

That’s what momentum can do. It can take you beyond your wildest imagination, but you have to chart the course, take the helm and drive this epic journey yourself. No one else can do it for you.

I hope to see you on the call, if not, know there is always a light on here for you!

To all your happy travels!

Big love,

Law of Attraction