N is for Non-Attachment


Hey Friends,

Ever find yourself wrestling with your intuition like it’s a dodgy internet connection during a storm? If so, you’re not alone. But what if I told you there’s a secret ingredient to getting those intuitive downloads as smooth as your favorite playlist streaming in high def? Enter stage left: Non-attachment. Yes friends, this week in our ABCs of Intuition, we are focusing on N, for non-attachment.

Let’s clear the air first—embracing non-attachment doesn’t mean you need to auction off your belongings and set up shop in a remote hermitage (unless, of course, that’s your jam—no judgment here!). Non-attachment is more about easing up on the tight grip we have on expectations, outcomes, and the illusion of control. It’s like trusting the universe’s GPS even when it seems to be taking you on a scenic route when you prefer a highway.

Detachment was dropped into my lap through one of those unpleasant experiences with a past boyfriend. The heartbreak I experienced is how I learned to unhook from my expectations and outcomes. Back then, for me non-attachment was someone who was closed off from the world. I didn’t want to shut down my heart but I also didn’t want to continue suffering – I felt a fog creeping over me, numbing my feelings AND my intuition.

And as always the universe responded leading me to some Buddhist teachings to grasp this concept that had dropped into my lap. I was drawn to The Bhagavad Gita, which teaches that renouncing the world is not what detachment is about. Instead, it means remaining emotionally calm on the inside even when we are faced with the most trying situations. Living and working without a sense of “doing” is the definition of detachment. (Reminding me of the doing vs. being)

I found that detachment isn’t about ditching your stuff and living off-grid (unless that’s your dream—go for it!). It’s about loosening your grip on those hefty expectations and outcomes we often cling to like a lifeline. Imagine trusting life’s flow as easily as you do when you’re absorbed in your favorite movie…. And in that flow suffering is washed away.

Why is Non-Attachment important to your intuition?

Think of your intuition as a river. Non-attachment clears away the debris, letting clear, guidance-filled waters flow through you. It’s about being open to insights without the clutter of overthinking or forcing outcomes. Imagine how spot on your intuitive hits will be when your river is free flowing!!

If you’re having trouble being overly attached to your expectations and things aren’t flowing for you – try easing up a bit with one of these easy practices:

Easy Access to Detachment

  1. Balloon Visual: Picture releasing your worries or desires like balloons into the sky, watching them drift away, lightening your mental load.
  2. Creative Boundaries: Imagine an energetic boundary between you and the situation you are wanting to detach from. In this boundary only peace is allowed into your energy field.
  3. Speak your Truth: Each night, jot down your truth about your situation and how you are willing to see your lessons in it so that you may move to integrating the lesson and healing. 

Daily Detachment Creates Clarity

Incorporating non-attachment daily isn’t about disengagement but about meaningful engagement with life. Accept and let go, making room for intuition to shine. It’s like setting down a heavy bag you’ve been carrying; suddenly, everything feels lighter, clearer.

By using detachment with intuition, you’re not just clearing the way for those intuitive signals; you’re also setting the stage for success that truly resonates with your soul’s path. Professional intuitives who are attached to what their client’s think will experience fog instead of clarity. In intuitive coaching we must hold that space of neutrality and non-attachment so that our client can experience this pure and profound connection.

Being aware to the spots and spaces we’re “attached to” in your everyday life allows us to relinquish any expectation and engage with the world from a more meaningful space – a spot of unity, oneness.

It’s about acceptance and letting go of the urge to steer the river’s course. This acceptance not only declutters your mind but sets a grand stage for your intuition to perform its magic.

Imagine navigating life’s decisions with a serene mind, unburdened by the noise of attachment.

Ahh…now doesn’t that feel nice????


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