Universal Law Series – Hermetic Principle of Vibration

Hermetic Principle of Vibration

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” – The Kybalion

Everything is moving, nothing stays still – this isn’t just a description of a toddler – it is the truth of our world, and everything in it.  Whether solid, liquid, or gas, everything vibrates. Basic science tells us atoms are in constant motion, as is the universe itself. And with that scientific backing – we as a culture, have embraced that everything is in motion. 

We have been in the know about vibes for some time – you don’t have to look too far to see its influence. Whether it’s The Beach Boys 1966 hit, Good Vibrations, or Nikola Tesla hinting the secrets of the universe are through energy, vibration, and frequency. From music, arts, math, and science, we are embracing this principle of vibration understanding in all 3 planes of existence (physical, mental, and spiritual), everything holds a particular vibration. 

So why is this principle so important to be in the top 3 Hermetic Principles? As we covered in the beginning of this series, the importance of these immutable laws is their interwoven connection. We have a tendency to focus on 1 law – for instance the Law of Attraction (that gets a lot of press) – but the Law of Attraction does not work alone to bring forth our manifested desire. Ancient wisdom tells us that all these principles/laws work together and are never severed. For the Principle of Vibration to be number 3 in building a powerful manifesting foundation, it shows us the importance of embracing vibration, including being a vibration.  

Have you ever considered what it means to be a vibration yourself? Humor me and think about that for just a second. Notice your beautiful body – ever in motion through your heart, respiration, and the beautiful mechanics happening as you sit still considering this thought. What do you notice? Sitting here with this thought, which by the way has a vibe of its own, can you feel the vibration of it? 

We feel vibes all around us because we are just that. We exist in a wash of energy, vibration, and frequencies that we are not able to see with our physical eyes (yet). Have you ever felt like someone was staring at you? You look around only to meet someone’s eyes as they quickly look away like they’ve been caught. This is the Principle of Vibration in practice. The atoms which make up your physicality (and everything in the Universe) felt the oscillating atoms of the person who was focused on you.  Even our hearts, as they beat, give off different vibrations depending on our emotional state. The beauty and importance of this principle is reflected in Kybalion, 

“He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the scepter of Power.”

Embracing this principle is, as our wise ancestors said, our access to power. So understanding all manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, will, desire, or any mental state or condition, are accompanied by vibrations placing the power with us. Every result we get in our life, everything we achieve, or don’t achieve, the way we are living, the situations we are experiencing, are because of our vibration. 

Because vibration is in everything – we feel it daily, yet we’ve been trained to ignore them along with our intuition. Ever wonder why out of the blue you think about someone you haven’t talked to in years? Growing up I would ask my mom about this and she would say it was because they were thinking of us and we were receiving their thoughts. She wasn’t wrong, when those situations happen (like the feelings we felt when someone is staring at us) the vibration of their thoughts echo and broadcast from them making their way to us. Like ripples of a rock thrown in a still pond making their way to the shore. This is why we dive so deeply into understanding our vibrations in our Intuitive Coach Training Course – because we are emitting and broadcasting constantly and to create change we must embrace vibration. 

I’ve seen those who use the words vibration and frequency as if they held the same meaning. I want to clarify the distinction between these so it will support you in working with the entire group of principles and laws. A vibration describes the oscillating and vibrating movement of atoms caused by energy; a frequency is the rate at which the vibrations and oscillations occur. The subtle awareness of this difference is important as we move deeper into these principles and laws. 

So how does this Principle of Vibration interact with the first two principles? Through mentalism we understand and become aware of our thoughts, seeing them projected on our movie screen – we know they are a reflection of our interior environment – feeling the vibes of these thoughts we can determine our finish line – where these thoughts are taking us. This is where we can step into a place of ease rather than uncertainty. 

When we treat our thoughts and states of being as forms of higher energy being transmitted by us, we understand the raw power our thoughts invoke. This gives us the choice to deliberately direct our thoughts toward what we wish to experience. 

The other big punch this principle gives, is it helps us understand how numerology and astrology work. I learned this when I was writing Angel Numbers eons ago. Each number has a specific vibration, energy signature that carries unique characteristics and qualities. The same is true with letters, sigils, runes, and ancient symbols. Each and every symbol, number, letter, and octave has a unique vibration – a portal of information for us to receive.  

Not bad for being third is it? Vibration is one of the essential building blocks of creating the life, job, and world you desire. So the next time you want to get upset at someone or something that is happening in your world, remember – your vibe attracts your tribe. Check in with your vibe to see what you’re broadcasting out to the universe. 

Remember, you are the director and producer of your movie – you decide how it’s broadcasted and transmitted. Here’s to dancing in the vibes of awareness ☺



Meditation and Writing Prompts:

Hermetic Principle of Vibration guides us to acknowledge that everything, every single thing is in motion, has a vibration. Here are some questions to support a deep dive into this powerful principle. 

What vibration can I be conscious of in this moment?

What did I notice today about my vibe? Did it vacillate or move around? 

How do I feel when my vibration in my body feels grounded and centered?

When I feel the vibes of someone thinking of me how will I respond? 

I am open to being conscious of my vibrations and the vibrations around me, how will I work with this awareness to support my growth?  

Albert said, “Everything in life is vibration.”, the life I am vibrating into being is: