Universal Law Series – Hermetic Principle of Polarity

Hermetic Principle of Polarity

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its opposite pair; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” – The Kybalion

Continuing our exploration of using Universal Laws in our daily lives, this week we’re diving into the richness of the Principle of Polarity. This principle tells us for every yin, there is a yang, for every up there is a down. And these opposites are part of the same whole, differing only by degrees. These extremes are completely intertwined, unable to exist without each other. Without dark we wouldn’t know light. Without hate we wouldn’t know love. 

Opposites are necessary for balance. The varying degrees of one thing isn’t about separation, polarity embodies the whole, giving birth to the duality in all life. Even life has an equal, death. These different poles aren’t separate or incompatible, they are parts of the whole, connected and woven together. Everything has its pair. If you are single and feel alone, know the truth, “everything has its opposite pair”.  Everything – including you. Nothing in our world exists singularly. 

We experience polarity daily, listening to a friend recalling an argument with someone. As the person not party to the argument we can stand in the middle (neutrality) and be conscious that there are two sides to every story (polarity). Creating room for a joining of the opposites, “extremes meet,” yin and yang. 

This principle declares all paradoxes being “reconciled,” interesting claim but what’s the importance of uniting paradoxes? 

First let’s get literal, a paradox is a figure of speech that can seem self-contradicting, silly even, but in reality holds a seemingly absurd truth. Like: I’m telling the truth that I’m lying. I can resist everything but temptation. And Shakespeare in Hamlet wrote, “I have to be cruel in order to be kind.”

This principle gives us access to wisdom, power and grace. Understanding and embracing it we can reconcile, heal all doubts, and uncertainties. If opposite poles are varying degrees of the same thing then to create change we simply direct our focus (through Mentalism) to the opposite and harmony occurs. Besides the mental agility this builds, being aware of this balance helps me to stay centered and calm, to not over react regardless of the circumstances I am experiencing. 

Just as this series of sharing complex ancient wisdom for living in a modern world is a polarization of its own. I know, the joke isn’t lost on me ☺ 

It brings the understanding that life, love and power are not a zero-sum experience. Meaning if I have love, you don’t. If you have it, I don’t. The truth is, the more we share it, the more love there is in our world. The same goes with success folks.

Another point of this principle is, “all truths are but half-truths;” creating the divine paradox between absolute and relative truths. What we perceive to be true is based on our perspective of what is obvious, what we can touch, prove, and measure. This ancient wisdom reminds us to beware of half-truths. This is the Universe telling us to “check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Using this Principle of Polarity we can face the half-truths we tell ourselves. Like believing in the illusion of being separate juxtaposed to our spiritual oneness. Or we can’t have abundance because we are in lack. 

When things go “south” you can keep your cool knowing there is a “north” in your circumstance. Because all opposites are the same, changing your degree of perception will shift the situation. 

It guides us to honestly look at ourselves, to understand the truths we hold and share are half-truths of a whole. If someone is throwing hurtful comments your way, through this principle you realize what they are saying are half-truths, their perceptions. 

As you can see by interacting consciously with these principles – it puts you in the director’s chair of your life. You call the shots!




Ways to work with the UL of Polarity:

Opposites Attract

When the polar opposite is happening in your world, you can shift it by applying the opposite energy. Since our energy is reflected back to us (UL Correspondence☺) at all times – when you’re experiencing what you don’t want, the quickest way to dissipate it is to work with this principle and your subconscious. You do this by responding through the Art of Polarization:

When you are criticized, praise someone.

When you are hurt, love someone.

When you are discouraged, encourage someone.

When you are afraid, reassure someone.

In that moment, you are healing an aspect of you as well as connecting to the Divine within you and acting from your soul’s perspective.  Fueling the energy of what you want, not what you don’t want, through the Art of Polarization. 


An excerpt from our book You Don’t Look Psychic: Your Essential Guide To Tapping Into Your Natural Powers process that beautifully works with and demonstrates this Hermetic Principle of Polarity. 

Contrast vs. Clarity

  1. Write down what you do not want (contrast).
  2. Why do you NOT want this? What do you feel? 
  3. Write down what you DO want (clarity). Maybe it is the polar opposite of what you are currently experiencing.
  4. If you had the clarity of what you DO want, what would it feel like in your body, in your mind, in your life? Write it all down, get as specific and detailed as possible. 

Contrast: I don’t want to worry about paying my bills and not having enough money. 

Clarity: I do want to feel free, safe and abundant. 

Meditation and Writing Prompts:

Hermetic Principle of Polarity guides us to acknowledge that everything has a pair, an opposite which is part of the whole, all paradoxes are harmonized, and all truths are but half-truths. Here are some questions to support your journaling and meditation practices. 

How do I dance with the paradox of doing vs. being?

What in my life is calling for a different degree or angle of my perspective? 

What disempowering half-truths do I hold about myself, or my success?  

What are the opposites I noticed in nature today?