Happily Ever After is No Fairy Tale – Manifesting abundance

As a parent I recall reading to my daughter the book, the Bernstein Bears: “A Case of the Gimmes.” This book spoke to me because, as a little girl growing up in Houston, I went to school with girls who had everything. They had all the trendy new clothes, new cars, you name it they had it.

I often wondered why they were the chosen ones? Growing up in a middle class neighborhood with a single mom wasn’t like all the shows on television at that time. My mom didn’t vacuum the floor while being adorned in pearls and high heels. She worked two jobs doing her best to raise two children all on her own. Yet, we always had everything we needed.

Manifesting can be viewed in many different ways; the haves and have-nots, the upper and lower classes, or blue and white-collar workers. In whatever manner we classify it, we seem to always distinguish our worth, or more important, who we are, by our haves or have-nots.

What I have since learned is manifesting what is for your highest and greatest good is a simple process that consists of very easy steps. Then why do we consistently find ourselves living unhappily ever after? We feel that we don’t deserve it, especially Lightworkers, those whose mission it is to spread the light of Spirit throughout this world.

As Lightworkers, we feel that doing this work means that we are or should be altruistic or paupers – simply believing that spiritual work is not valid if it isn’t done with a vow of poverty. In so many of our past lives Lightworkers have taken that vow, a dignified vow of those times, but today, that isn’t required or necessary.

Spirit, God, Ascended Masters and the angels don’t ask us to do without abundance. So why do we punish ourselves and continue to live this life of an illusion of lack? Simply put, we refuse to believe that it is easily done. Our ego refuses to let us believe that it is that easy because it wants to keep us tied to lack, a prisoner of our own fear.

I recall hearing in my childhood about those who were “born with a silver spoon in their mouths” or “given everything on a silver platter,” so I got the message that you had to work twice as hard to get half the distance. I now realize that the universe or God doesn’t require us to struggle or work where we aren’t respected, acknowledged or valued. This unfortunately, is our doing. When I first heard this theory – I was shocked, astonished and knew right away that it couldn’t be so. Was I truly responsible for bringing hardships my way? Absolutely.

The good news is that there is a light to illuminate and rid any fear or doubt about the illusions of lack. We have the power, ability and strength to manifest anything and everything in our heart’s desire, that which is for our highest and greatest good. When I found that I had the power, I wondered if I had the courage to not use others as an excuse for my failures or lacks in my life, whether it is financial, romantic or spiritual.

I have to tell you that I have experienced this technique 1st hand and know that it works! It is quite simple.

Clearing and healing
1. Clear toxic thoughts that relate to your abundance.
2. Forgive all parties, including yourself. This forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning the behavior, just forgiving the person, their soul for the mistakes that were made. To ask help with forgiveness try saying, “Some mistakes have been made in this situation. I ask that the effects of all mistakes be undone in all areas. So it is.
3. Affirm your abundance.

Asking for your heart’s desire
1. Simply write down your true desires, be very specific. If you desire a love relationship with a person whom is understanding, loving, spiritual, dark hair, blue eyes, 6’ 3” – write it down. This is where it is fun!!! Let your imagination run wild. Your life is your canvas – paint it with as many colors and shapes as you desire! Feel free to use all the colors! Don’t limit yourself.
2. Know in your heart that you are truly ready and feel deserving of it. *Be aware of your intentions, when you make mistakes, let them go. (See Forgiveness above) TRUST and believe it

Step Three – Receive
– Be aware – seeing the guidance, ask for clarity (2×4 in the head)
– Be grateful
– Thank God, Angels and Fairies
– Acknowledge it