Forgiveness Through Vulnerability


When I asked the angels and Spirit what to write about in this blog, they immediately said “forgiveness”. I soon realized why it had to be the topic of this writing. We are all being called into a higher state of being which will allow us to easily create and fulfill our life purpose. Interestingly enough in order to have this higher vibratory being it is important to release anything that doesn’t resonate with this higher level of frequency. This can be uncomfortable, as it requires us to go beyond our automatic ways of the world. (example)

The Angels and Spirit say that forgiveness gives us access to the clarity of a higher state of being.

The angels and ascended masters guide us to be generous and forgiving, yet there are times where my humanity seemed stronger than my desire for peace.

I have thought it would take not only an act of congress for me to forgive the past but it would take the compassion of Ghandi to get me through to the other side. As I consider the options of holding on to those burdens of disappointment, anger, hurt, and fear I see what would await me is a body filled with pain and a life unfulfilled.

It is in the recognition of another that I finally see myself. The angels ask us can you see yourself in another?

I have noticed the more I heal and clear my past, my present is much brighter and the future I live into is extraordinary.

To forgive is the highest level of generosity because it requires vulnerability. Consider that to forgive and release the past from your life allows you to have to access to power. A divine power created from unconditional love. The love of yourself and others.

There is the old adage “forgive and forget” which is quite wise advise yet we humans sometimes are challenged by such things. We want to hold on to the reasons and justifications of making another wrong. We somehow feel it makes us “better”. Nothing is further from divine truth, actually it takes us away from our divinity. To see the world of another through their eyes vs. our perceptions of our stories is divine. This takes a new level of vulnerability, which isn’t always comfortable and can seem very threatening. I have come to experience vulnerability as source of power for people through my own life experiences. I have had the incredible opportunity to allow myself to recreate myself through the listening and space of a divine wizard and a community that knows me. Discomfort is the unknowingness is the gateway pathway to an extraordinary life

Can’t mess with conviction!

Friends and family gather to share cheer. Still there are those family dinners and gatherings where you would just as soon not talk to Uncle Fred again about his colonoscopy for the 12th time of the day. Nothing encourages libations more than the desire to avoid the issues of the past or conversations of the future.


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