The Precious Gift of Self


What amazing gifts of contribution are we to the world, to our loved ones, and most importantly, to ourselves.

Everything you give comes back to you. We are creating by what we are giving. Remember…energy goes where attention flows. If we are gratefully aware of what we have, that which we experience in gratitude will expand.

As spiritual beings living in a physical world, we are at times required to walk between worlds. And while we are impacted by the happenings of this world, we do not have to subscribe to its fears. This isn’t always easy when so many people are encountering the foundational shifting of their lives and labeling it as bad, or scary. We are all here to experience life. What we’ve forgotten is that we are the power and the creators of our experience.

I have spoken to many who are uncertain as to what to do next. We can get trapped in that paradigm of thinking, only to continue to chase our tails and go nowhere. Only in embracing the uncertainty and trusting your divine guidance will you truly soar! Trust and believe!

We are all gifted beings. Share your gift with the world, with your loved ones by simply being yourself. Focus on the love you have, and give it away without any expectation of return. You will be surprised to see what you receive. This is the heart of miracles. This is the blessing of magic in our world.


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