H is for Harmony


This week as we continue our ABCs of Intuition series, we’re hopping into “H for Harmony”, for me harmony always conjures the thoughts of music especially the haunting harmonizing of some of our world’s talented singers. While that’s a beautiful example of musical harmony, you may be wondering what does harmony have to do with intuition? Trust me it’s not just about playing great music, it goes much deeper.

Harmony Amps Up Your Intuition


In the world of intuition, harmony is an essential player that gives you access to clarity and success. Think of your intuition as the lead vocalist in the band of your life. When everything’s in tune – your thoughts, emotions, and actions – your inner wisdom rocks the stage. But when there’s a bit of static, even the best tunes can get a little muffled. If your intuitive readings have felt a little off, this could be why. 

Harmony is your intuition’s bestie

Harmony is all about balance, that sweet spot where your inner world and the outer universe are ‘jamming’ nicely together, creating the perfect soundtrack that guides you through life’s ups and downs. Harmony is access to your divine nature’s rhythm, making your intuitive hits crystal clear.

Harmony isn’t about avoiding your off key moments; it’s about weaving them into your own masterpiece and dancing with them. Allowing your intuition to direct you,  embracing forgiveness and using these techniques, you’re setting the stage for a life that’s not only successful but also deeply fulfilling.

Forgiveness, the unexpected chord

There’s an unexpected hero that contributes to our harmony you may not be aware of…Forgiveness. Everything is energy, including unforgiveness. When we hold unforgiveness, holding onto grudges, etc. puts your intuition on mute. Forgiveness turns the volume back up. It’s like hitting the reset button on your emotional jukebox, clearing out those scratchy records of past hurts to make way for smooth, insightful tunes.

If you want a quick access to forgiveness, check out my Cosmic Bite, a short energy activation on forgiveness

Here’s some ways you can use harmony to amplify your intuition. While some of these may seem simple, or you already have heard about, it’s because they are tried and true ways to tap into the energy of harmony for clarity and those spot on intuitive hits.

Fine-Tuning Your Intuitive Harmony

  1. Start Your Day on the Right Beat: Kick off with a morning ritual that sets the tone — whether it’s meditating, doing energy work, journaling, or just sipping coffee in silence. It’s like a pre-show soundcheck for your soul. My morning energy ritual really helps me start my day off right!
  2. Clear the Static: Tune into your feelings. Got some emotional noise? Acknowledge it. Forgive, let it go, and move on. This keeps your intuitive channels clear of interference. If it continues to show up, perhaps it is something that needs a deeper exploration.
  3. Get Unplugged in Nature: There’s no better place to sync up with harmony than the great outdoors, even if it that means your patio. Nature’s divine rhythm is restorative and when we connect with it, it can be a great reset. If you want to know more about connecting with nature through grounding, check out our blog on “Grounding” and our Cosmic Bite, a short energy activation.
  4. Practice Gratitude Like It’s Going Out of Style: End your day with a gratitude jam session. It’s like an encore that leaves your spirit cheering for more (cue up your phone flashlights). The energy of gratitude creates harmony, which creates clarity, which equals a potent intuitive.

So, are you ready to crank up the harmony and let your intuition take the stage? Your life’s greatest hits are just waiting to be played. Let’s make some music!!