I is for Inner Voice

Dodging the Doubt and Amping Up Your Intuition

Ever feel like your inner wisdom is like a precious crystal buried under layers of doubt, fear, and that ever-persistent imposter syndrome? Well you’re not alone. All intuitives feel it at some point in their career. There will always be challenges on your path of growth and the most important thing is to stay plugged into your intuition during those times. But how do you do that when it feels like everything seems to be falling flat?

In the continuation of our ABCs of Intuition Series, we’re going to polish that gem so your intuition shines bright, guiding you to your dreams with confidence and clarity. We’ll cover actionable strategies to strengthen your trust in your intuition, leading to greater success and fulfillment.

The Lead Singer of Your Soul’s Band

Think of your intuition as the star performer in the grand concert of your life, with fear, ego, and imposter syndrome as the off-key backup vocals trying to steal the show. Our mission? Make sure your lead singer gets the solo it deserves, delivering off the chart insights that guide you to your personal best by remembering that you can discern the difference between your inner voice and your fear voice.

Your Off Key Band Members: Fear, Ego, and Imposter Syndrome

These three are like the unruly crowd surfers at the concert of your mind, causing a ruckus and distracting you from the main performance. Fear loves to belt out cautionary tales, imposter syndrome sings the “not good enough” blues, and ego is always ready wailing a self-centered ballad. Together, they create static that can cloud the true sound of your intuition.

Fine-Tuning Strategies

Backstage Pass to Silence: First step to clarity is finding your mental quiet zone. Whether it’s through meditation, mindfulness, or just being in nature, get that VIP pass to inner peace.

Journaling Jams: Let your inner voice have its own solo by hearing it out through your own words – writing it out. When you’re at a crossroads, take note of what your intuition whispers and what the trio of doubt tries to shout over it. Patterns will emerge, showing you the real hit maker.

Mic Check: Love or Fear? Question the origin stories of your thoughts. True intuition is like a power ballad of encouragement, pushing you towards growth, not a screeching anthem of fear.

Rehearsal Time Trusting your inner voice comes with practice. Becoming an expert of discerning your intuitive inner voice from your fear voice. Start with the small gigs—daily choices—and notice how each one plays out. Your trust and confidence in your intuitive senses will continue to grow, preparing you for more.

Turn Down the External Noise Occasionally, go on a noise fast, stepping away from the media, shortening your time scrolling, paying attention to outside opinions. Too many critics or opinions can drown out your own unique inner voice. Tune into your internal frequency for a change.

The World Tour of Intuition

Embracing these Conscious Strategies℠  doesn’t just put your inner voice in the limelight; it sets you up for a lifelong tour of success and self-discovery. Trusting your intuition means you’re in tune with your authentic self, navigating life’s challenges with ease and hitting those high notes of joy.

Keeping your intuition on the center stage requires regular “maintenance” like the suggestions above. It may not feel glamorous but remember every rock star has to regularly tune their instruments…just like every great intuitive has to stay in tune.

See you out there on the stage!


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