Prayer / Meditation Beads

Prayer Meditation Beads

WHAT ARE PRAYER & MEDITATION BEADS? People across the globe use prayer beads as a spiritual tool of mindfulness, meditation, and of course, prayer. While their names and numbers are different across the world, their value remains the same.  Whether it’s a mala, subha, or a rosary – these ancient tools were created to clear […]



These magical beings are ancient energy signatures that pack a powerful punch. Predating most religions, there is much more to these beauties than mere stick figures assigned specific meanings. I have been working closely with the runes for a couple of years now and I am amazed at how deep their wisdom runs. These aren’t […]



Another great “conscious strategy” to build your mindfulness muscles.  No time to sit on the cushion to reach nirvana? You’re not alone. Life gets busy and often time for ourselves is the first thing that is sacrificed in the name of success. The physical and spiritual benefits of meditation are well documented and here’s a […]

Mystical Tools of Divination


“Mystical notice: tools are only as powerful as the artisan who holds them. Divination tools are not the source of our magic they are an instrument through which our power flows.” ~Lynnette Brown I always am guided to ring this magical bell before jumping into working with any mystical tools. Not to steer you away […]

Tools of the Trade

mystical tools

The tools of the intuitive mystic are as unique & diverse as they themselves. Shrouded in mystery, we often give the tools more credit than the practitioner using them. These ancient mysterious tools are a powerful way to jump start your intuitive skills – especially in the beginning. They are a fun way for a […]

Shielding Crystals

Shielding Crystals

Captain America and Wonder Woman, carry shields made of rare materials to use as protection to thwart their super villains. But what about us mere mortals?  Where’s our superhero shielding power?   First let’s talk shielding. Often, we put up our shields of protection before it is ever required to keep us from feeling vulnerable. […]