These magical beings are ancient energy signatures that pack a powerful punch. Predating most religions, there is much more to these beauties than mere stick figures assigned specific meanings. I have been working closely with the runes for a couple of years now and I am amazed at how deep their wisdom runs. These aren’t your basic oracle tool, be forewarned, their formidable depths can bring chills to the most accomplished of intuitives and mystics. 


  • Subtle yet intense energy
  • Deeply rooted work with ancestors
  • Magical portals
  • Relationship based
  • Truth work

As a rookie in this potent divination work, I am merely scratching the surface of the depth of these guardians of wisdom. While all runes are powerful, the ones I am most related to are the 33 Runes of the Northumbrian Anglo Saxon. My connection to these specific runes surprised me in the beginning. I now know I was called by my ancestors and I feel it is due to my ancestry, these runes are in my DNA so to speak.  

What I have learned is runes are magick! They are the honest best friend who has the courage to directly tell you that your outfit isn’t doing you any favors. You know the friend that has the guts to say, “why are you dating that person who treats you like you don’t matter?” That’s the runes. They communicate in a direct, no nonsense manner and expect the same in return. 

While they are incredibly intense, the runes are equally subtle. It’s my experience the runes whisper and it is up to us to pay attention to hear their ancient wisdom. Another place these magical beings stand out is in their ability to take us deeper and beyond where we have yet to go. This is why working with them is a powerful way to heal deeply rooted beliefs, traumas, habits or ways of being. The runes are an access point, a doorway to ancient wisdom. 

Because runes aren’t your run of the mill mystical divination tool, they require a more relationship based connection than other mystical tools. 

To begin working with runes, I suggest clearing your mind and asking the runes to show you what you need to hear or know. Then, reach into your stack of runes and pull one out to read and interpret. As you practice more, you’ll begin developing a deeper connection to the runes and subsequently you can begin asking questions for guidance.

Working with the runes we are asked to build an actual relationship with them. Each tells a different story, a story where you are cast as a character and asked who are you in the story? This may sound strange if you’re new to living a mystical life. Working with runes isn’t merely getting your questions answered, they go deeper in the exploration of who you truly are in the story of life.  Questions that sometimes are difficult to explore, much less answer. 

Remember I gave you a warning about these elegant powerful beings, if you can’t take the heat – stay out of the kitchen! 

Through the use of these stories for every situation we are given the ability to witness ourselves, to become the observer of ourselves. Which immediately shifts our perspective to neutrality. 

They will not tell you where to go or what to do – nope not that easy folks!  All answers and choices are ours. It is us that has to do the detective work through who we are in the story. This is why working with the runes isn’t for everyone. They insist on going deeper, wider, beyond where you currently are to understand yourself, the darkness and the light. 

If you want to build your intuitive edge and get that master’s degree in subtle energies work with the Northumbrian Anglo Saxon runes. They will deepen your connection to your center, your core beliefs, your connection to yourself and your place in this world. They also equally deepen your intuitive nature. I have found the more I work with the runes, my connection to my intuitive abilities are deepening. After 32 years of teaching and working with intuition you would think I’d seen it all – no such thing – there’s always room to learn and grow! And that’s what the runes show us. 

If you’ve been wanting to kick things up a notch –  deepen your abilities and place in this world – stop and listen, can you hear the whispers of the runes? 

If so, a fantastic place to start are these books:

Lost Teachings of the Runes – Ingrid Kincaid

The Runes Revealed – Ingrid Kincaid

Taking Up the Runes – Diana L. Paxson

Living Runes – Galina Krasskova

And if you haven’t experienced a rune reading or want to learn more about runes I highly recommend my teacher: Ingrid Kincaid @


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