Shielding Crystals

Captain America and Wonder Woman, carry shields made of rare materials to use as protection to thwart their super villains. But what about us mere mortals? 

Where’s our superhero shielding power?  

First let’s talk shielding. Often, we put up our shields of protection before it is ever required to keep us from feeling vulnerable. Holding their shields of power our superheroes don’t hide in the corner hoping the bad guys will disappear. They step forward despite feeling the fear because of their conviction and commitment to their vision of peace and harmony.

Where do we get our shielding power? How can we use our shields in a more useful and helpful way? 

Most important aspect of shielding is for it not to originate from fear. We want to create a boundary that stipulates, “you shall not pass unless authorized.” Before creating your shielding power, make sure you are focused on your container – the space that you create every day with your energy and auric field – to be held confidently. 

Mystical Crystals

To retrain our brain around shielding and protection, what if shield stood for:   

S – Successfully
H – Harvesting
I – Intuition
E – Expanding 
L – Love 
D – Divinely

Holding that thought and mindset, we can then use our shields properly. One of the ways to build our SHIELD is by tapping into the force of mother nature.

Sometimes that looks like going for a walk in the park, leaning up against a tree, putting your toes in the green grass or ocean waters. Other times because of our life schedule we can’t take that walk in the woods or along the beach every day. 

What then? 

How can I feel shielded through my busy work day when I have so many video meetings and calls and can’t leave the house? 


Crystals are found in everything from satellites to the smartphone you may be holding in your hand as you read this. They are millions of years old forged in our earth’s earliest creation. They store all the knowledge and information they have ever been exposed to – from ancient ritual to brutal war – and they pass along that information and energy to any person they may come into connection with. 

They are a great intersection between science and mysticism. 

Their orderly structure lets them respond to the input of all the energy and frequencies around them. Because of their balanced nature, their ability to store a database of knowledge and the energy they emit, are used in our computers, phones, TVs, etc. 

All the way back to our ancient ancestors, crystals have been used for healing and protection. 

  • Egyptians used crystals for healing & protection. 
  • Indian texts describe distinct healing aspects of different crystals.
  • Ancient Greeks and Romans used crystals for protection in battle.
  • The Norse utilized a crystal called lodestone to direct their ships out of treacherous waters. 

You may be wondering how can I contemporarily use crystals to shield and protect my energy? 

Easy, place them on your desk, in your pocket (or bra), wear them as jewelry, or even put a couple in your car. The great thing about working with crystals is that you can use them with specific directions towards what you want to experience because their wisdom is ancient and infinite.

Here are some fantastic shielding and protective crystals with a little bit of information on each:

Shield Crystals
  • Shungite – Very grounding and protective. This crystal sets up impeccable boundaries around your home and property. Helps diffuse EMFs.
  • Clear Quartz – Provides a natural balanced state and can modify the energy as directed by user. Can be used to clear and activate the energy centers of the body. Provides purification of the physical, mental and spiritual subtle bodies.
  • Smoky Quartz – Dissolves negative or toxic energies and emotional blocks. It has an intense yet gentle on higher levels of meditation. Great for grounding and bringing you into the present moment. 
  • Black Tourmaline – Repels and shields you from toxic energy. Acts to help you not allow others energy to impact you. Very powerful grounding and shielding tool. 
  • Labradorite – It is said to show the “temple of the stars” helping you to keep on your path. Transcends the limitations of the past and the thoughts of the future. Brings bridges analytical and intuitive, mystical way of being. 
  • Amethyst – Stone of spirituality and contentment. It moves toxic energies out of the way. Creates a clear connection between earth and above. Provides a common sense way of being while being present to the aspects of cause and effect. 
  • Tiger’s Eye – Helps with balancing both hemispheres of the brain, bringing awareness to your perceptions. Very grounding and attunes you to the connectedness of the Universe. 
  • Fluorite – Diffuses chaos, disruptive and disorganized growth. Very stabilizing energy it increases our ability to concentrate, balancing the positive and negative in our mind. Purification, cleansing and elimination of anything that is in disorder.

Each shielding crystal has a different energy and feel. I recommend sitting with each and seeing how they connect with you, physically, mentally and spiritually. These are Divine ancient beings that hold mystical knowledge and wisdom of millions of years. If we pay attention they will support our growth – financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. 

So, the next time you are wondering how can I be energized through a day of meetings and zoom calls – pick up one of these crystals and put it in your pocket and you’ll find yourself ready to take on the day, regardless how long it may seem. 


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