What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for

I was talking with a very dear friend of mine the other day and he posed a question to himself, which I took to heart. His question? What am I waiting for? As in what am I waiting for to live the life of my dreams? What am I waiting for to have the relationship of my dreams? What am I waiting for to have my dreams fulfilled? What’s stopping me?

Many are in the inquiry of what keeps them waiting to have their “someday, maybe” life. Someday I’ll be a rock star, someday I’ll be a New York Times Best selling author, someday I’ll have the relationship I’ve been waiting for, someday I’ll have enough money to… Does this sound like you?

The angelic and spiritual realms answer this quite quickly with a resounding, you. You are the only glitch in the system of your providence of utilizing all the spiritual laws and living a mystic magical life. My child you are that which believes things must be difficult and challenging, that you are unworthy of such precious things as abundance, joy, peace and love.

While this is a quick and certain response from the spirit world it can be quite confronting for those of us who are walking on this earth having the human experience. So I asked guidance around this issue of waiting. The angels’ response was immediate. Get into action, even if it seems ridiculous, go for it. You are given a passion within your heart that shows you the way of your purpose this lifetime and following it is what will bring you joy, freedom and abundance.

Much like the works from Abraham through Jerry and Esther Hicks, it is important to raise your vibration levels, to resonate with happy, with peace, with love. We are here to remind you just how precious you are. You are perfect, complete, and whole in every manner, yet you negate this by your actions which align with the absence of joy, peace, love and abundance. Rise above the thoughts in your mind and move forward, even if it is just a small step take it.

I have noticed with my clients and through my own encounters we in the human experience often allow our circumstances to override our dreams. My clients’ express they feel as if there is no way they can accomplish such feats as having the life of their dreams because the reality is their life is not what they would want it to be.

So many are left to their own devices and continue living the same life which brings the same results. The Angels and Ascended Masters ask “What are you waiting for?” Some may respond saying “for a sign,” or “a break,” or “something anything to help me out of this spot.” The Spirit world says we are showing you the way. Even though you may not always believe it because you can’t see it, the guidance is always there. You are always being guided, the question is are you willing to see it?