Creating a new experience

Life inspiration

I’m sure you are aware that we are being inundated with mass media that continues to stoke the fires of fear in and around the status of the economic well being in our world. And while we want to be grounded and understand what is happening, we also want to maintain our focus of what we are creating.

We have a powerful choice to make. Are we are going to have an empowering context or perspective of this current situation? Or are we going to follow the smoke signals down the tunnel of fear and despair. The choice is ours.

There are many of us who are refusing to participate in the highly acclaimed “recession”, and due to our focus we are experiencing growth in our businesses, success in growing our abundance, and happiness in our relationships.

I recently heard that in our daily lives we have at least 300 rituals we perform. Looking at that statistic, it’s easy to see how we have become unaware of what we are building on a moment-to-moment basis through our thoughts, feelings and words – what we are creating as our experience.

What I am proposing this month is to disrupt your “normal” routine and create something completely new and different. It can be something as simple as driving a different route to work, or shopping at a different grocery store, or even handling a disagreement contrary to the way you would have in the past. This allows you to break up the “expected” thoughts of your routine and experience your own life with a different view. I have taken this on in my own life and have had amazing results!

If you are not sure exactly what you could do differently ask for divine guidance – don’t come from what you know – come from the unknown and you will surprise yourself!