Creative Void

Creative Void

A “Creative Void” is a time in your life where you are shifting, adapting and getting ready for a major change. It is a spiritual growth time where, although similar to spiritual timing, there is little or no movement. You may or may not know what your next step towards your goal is or you might not even know the goal! You feel and know a shift is about to occur and things around you don’t feel exactly right – but nothing seems to be happening. To determine if you are in the Creative Void time here are some of the questions to ask yourself.

Are you holding on to ideas, methods or things that inhibit your spiritual growth?

Do you need to get rid of attachment to people, places or things?

Do you need to find the missing balance in your life by including time for:
Significant Others?

Are you letting go and forgiving negative emotional situations?

Do you have to eliminate the sources of fear in your life?

Do you need to make and accept changes in your mind, body or spirit?

Are you allowing the process of change to flow?

Do you have a need to find your purpose or service in life?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you must honor this time of spiritual growth. The Creative Void may be a time for information gathering, reflection, sitting still or eliminating things that are no longer necessary in your life. It is the time of spiritual growth and advancement towards balance in your life.

Consider these things as opportunities for your spiritual growth and work on them one-by-one. Always remember that the Creative Void is a time to resolve issues and allow balance to come into your life. It is the time to throw away the old and invite in the new. As issues and balance are resolved in your life, action will manifest and movement towards your goal will follow.

If you answered NO to all these questions, it may be that Spiritual Timing is at work.