3 Steps to Get Unstuck

Relationship Goals

Do you ever find yourself having the same thing happen over and over again, like a bad rerun from the 80s?

I sure did. For me, it was dating. Always dated the same guy, just with a different body; or a different guy, but the same relationship. Inevitably, I constantly ended back at the same spot in my revolving door of monogamy, wondering what I was doing wrong. I got stuck in a pattern of dating Mr. Wrong and trying to make it work.

If yours isn’t dating, perhaps it’s not being able to crack through the glass ceiling in your career or lose those last 3 pounds. Regardless the reason, we have all experienced that feeling of being stuck at some point. And much like the ocean’s undertow, it can drown you if you fight against it. Therefore, to pivot your way out of the swamp, here’s a couple of easy steps to try:

(1) Awareness – Get clear on what you want and where you are.

Once I realized nothing was wrong with me or the guys I had been dating, everything shifted. I finally understood they were just MY Mr. Wrong. In fact, they had led me to incredible clarity regarding what I did want. So, I started meeting new people and paying attention to and being grateful for the closeness of the matches (to Mr. Wonderful) that showed up. Even if they weren’t exactly what I wanted, I still celebrated that I was closer to allowing partnership into my world

(2) Do Something Different – Create a new pattern of awesomeness.

Knowing something in theory is wisdom, living it is noble. (Tweetable? ☺ ) The ah-has through my dating jaunts were eye-opening, but didn’t bring me any closer to Mr. Wonderful. This is where most of us get stopped and stutter back into the comfortable “old” ways, like dating another Mr. Wrong. Here’s where living a new paradigm comes into play, through action with your body, by doing something new, different. I began taking myself out on Artist Dates (Artist Way, Julia Cameron – incredible soul fuel) and going out with groups of friends. Soon I stopped “looking” for what wasn’t there and began being grateful for what was. Suddenly, my perspective shifted and so did my experience.

(3) Dispose of all stinkin’ thinkin’ – Free your mind!

Que En Vogue’s, “Free your mind the rest will follow…”.

Our thinking is what gets us in the stuck zone, either by freezing up or going into overdrive. If you are feeling stuck, you are focusing on why you can’t have X. Or, you might be frozen and unable to think, so consequently you distract yourself with ideas that you didn’t want anything. STOP THAT! Take that stinkin’ thinkin’ to the trash can.

Instead think of the WHY you want to have those 10 new clients, loose the last 4 pounds?

What will having those mega bucks in your checking account give you?

How will you feel once you have that big promotion? Then What?

It truly is the WHY that creates growth and makes success habits sustainable. If you can see the WHY you are practicing your Conscious Strategies and you’re more likely to continue them; which will keep you clear from getting STUCK in any sticky “swampland.”

Remember: Have faith in your future! And as always, you don’t have to go through this alone. If you need a hand to pull you up out of the swampland, call/email me. You don’t have to waste another day not having what you don’t want.

Until next time.

Big love,