Universal Law Series – Law of Resonance

Law of Resonance


This Universal Law (UL) is sometimes overlooked because its cohort, Law of Attraction, gets all the press, despite it being the “determinator” of our creation process. I call this UL the “determinator” because it determines what frequencies align and links them together building momentum for the UL Attraction to do its job. The UL of Attraction is the law which makes certain that “something” is attracted – with that “something” being decided by the “determinator,” the UL of Resonance.

Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have diverse vibrational patterns or frequencies. The frequency of anger is much different than the frequency of peace, like apples and oranges – both tasty fruit, but very different. We broadcast these frequencies of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions (like radio waves) and the UL of Attraction leans on our “determinator” to see what additional energy can be added, matching and amplifying this energy bringing it into physical form.  

Using this UL with awareness will not only speed up your manifesting, but it will also help you have a more satisfying life. Working with intention with this UL is like riding a rocket booster to your dreams and desires. The important thing is to make sure your rocket is on the right trajectory. We sometimes, unknowingly, have pointed our rockets in the direction of shame, guilt, or unworthiness building stories of why we aren’t enough. With this UL you will see the power of resonance and why it is essential to your successful and satisfying life. 

Imagine that resonance is an energy ball you send out with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  This energy ball can only harmonize, sync, and meet up with energy balls of the same caliber, quality or value. As these energy balls sync up with this harmonizing energy, it builds momentum, strengthening the pull through UL of Attraction. 

This why there is confusion around the UL’s, disbelieving UL of Attraction’s efficacy because a desire hasn’t come to fruition. If we want something but don’t feel or believe we deserve to have it our resonance (that energy ball) doesn’t match what we want so it doesn’t manifest. The crazy thing is we can think the energy ball we are broadcasting is love but if there is unresolved anger we haven’t healed, that anger will tint our resonance. Remember everything, every thought, belief, and emotion has its own vibrational frequency, so that unresolved anger can easily throw your manifestation askew. When something isn’t a match in resonance they will not sync up.  

There’s no opposites attract with this law. It’s more like birds of a feather flock together. The Law of Resonance shows us that the rate of the vibration broadcasted, will harmonize with and attract back energies with the same resonance. 

Through science experiments we can see examples of resonance and the lack of it. You can strike a tuning fork (440 Hz), and place near it a second silent tuning fork, in a short time the silent tuning fork also begins to vibrate. You can even try this experiment at home with your musical instruments – play a note on one and you’ll soon hear the silent instrument matching the tone. * Special note – only the elements with the same length (Hz) are impacted by the resonance as you will see in the videos below. 

These YouTube videos show what resonance looks like with 2 tuning forks of the same tone (same length and Hz) – 1 is struck and we can hear the 2nd tuning fork rings and we also see it vibrating by the ping pong ball moving. 



When the frequencies don’t match, there is no resonance or collaboration. When they do match, however, there is a harmonic collaboration that happens building the energy. 

So you can see why it’s important to be aware of what we are resonating with through our thoughts, focus, beliefs because this law builds the momentum to bring them into your experiences. Our resonance determines the intensity of that energy ball we are sending out, which in turn determines what we manifest and experience. As an example, let’s say you’ve been feeling more anxious and on edge lately. You’re not sure why, so you consider the UL of Resonance. Asking yourself, “What have I been spending my focus and time on?” Perhaps you’ll see the shows you’ve been watching while entertaining aren’t really amplifying your feeling of safety so your broadcast begins to resonate with the energy of unsafe. Your body joins in and before you know it you are feeling the anxiety. 

One of the ways I watched my daughter learn this UL is through her 5th grade teacher, one of her faves. He drilled into their heads, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you your future.” Teaching her that she would resonate with what she surrounded herself with and become it. Thanks to Mr. Beck’s teachings she began to see the people she wanted to have in her life. And now, 22 years later, she is still friends with these potent souls as they support each other through life.  

I believe this UL speaks to why groups and community come together naturally, a unit where each part (or individual) resonates with the intention of the whole. Because thoughts, emotions and beliefs have vibrational frequencies, they harmonize with and draw in like energies. Now you know why you sometimes feel “drawn” to a certain class, or a book – the UL of Resonance is at work… 

As you move through your day consider what energy ball am I tossing out to the Universe? 

Have fun!


Meditation and Journal Prompts to work with the Universal Law of Resonance

  • If I was a radio station – what would I be broadcasting today?
  • Listen to different genres of music and notice how your body responds to each.  Is there a part of your body that resonates with each genre?
  • What can I do to amplify my resonance with my desire to experience ____________?
  • Is there any residual fear that tints my alignment with what I am creating by consciously working with the UL of Resonance?
  • How can I become more consciously aware of what I am knowingly or unknowingly resonating with?