Universal Law Series – Universal Law of Reciprocity

Diving into understanding and working with Universal Laws (UL) can boggle the brain at times because these laws speak in the language of energy. A language that sounds foreign to us, especially in the beginning. These potent laws of the universe direct us how to utilize energy to fuel the success in our lives. This may sound like it’s straight out of a science fiction novel, but it isn’t. This is about understanding the language of energy without resistance and working with it, deliberately.

Why do we want to do that? What’s the benefit for us?

Understanding and embracing these natural laws of the universe shows us we are an active functioning part of the creation of our world. We are part of a greater whole. That’s why it’s important for us to deliberately work with them. They are alive and in motion whether we are aware of them or not – so why not tap into the energy that fuels the universe to fuel our successes?

This collaboration of these ULs is a very important aspect of them – as I’ve mentioned before all of the ULs are at work together – no law works solo. Every single one of them participates in every single manifestation. This Universal Law of Reciprocity is considered the connector to all the ULs, every law participates in every single manifestation. This law speaks directly to how the laws relate to each other, as well as how we are to be in this world.

If we start with the definition of reciprocity, “the practice of exchanging things for mutual benefit”. The root word, (reciprocus), means moving back and forth. Interestingly synonyms for reciprocity are mutuality, interdependence, equal exchange and connectedness. So you can get a sense this law is pointing us in the direction of equality and mutual collaboration, giving back to each other.

The UL of Reciprocity says that whatever we send out to the Universe will be returned. Whatever we broadcast through the energy, frequency and resonance of our thoughts and emotions will be returned to us. Some call this the immutable and timeless outcome. Which often has us scratch our heads thinking, I thought that was the UL of Cause and Effect?

Let me see if I can simplify the inner workings of this manifestation engine called the ULs.

Imagine you are walking down the street and a thought (Mentalism) of something that delights you pops into your mind. The energy (UL Vibration) of that thought is delight, UL Attraction sends out a “pulse” that says “the order of delight has been placed,” UL Correspondence then says that delight will be mirrored out into your environment for you to recognize which expands into more, then the UL Resonance determines the quality of the delight that will be matched – assuring without bias that it is matched apples to apples, then UL Rhythm gets moving, creating a magnetism of more delight, and then the UL of Reciprocity as the Universe’s vessel responds with an equal exchange that matches all of it. And BAM just like that you are feeling good, you notice a spring in your step, delight has been multiplied. If you continue with that broadcast of delight the UL of Cause and Effect begins humming and says “this is day is going to be fantastic” – because your thoughts of delight will be the cause of your day going well.

Simply said, this law tells us what we give comes back to us, multiplied. This law also directs us how to understand abundance. The Universe works in reciprocity, equal exchange. We can never out-give the Universe. The more we give the more we get back. Interestingly, knowing this could give us the courage to create the incredible life experiences we want, yet deeply within us is something that says I need proof, I have to get before I can give. It’s the flawed thinking of fear. With over 2 decades as a professional intuitive and coach I can say that I have never helped someone where I didn’t feel it helped me as well. What we give, we receive. What we put out comes back to us 10 fold. It brings to mind the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson,

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”

If we spend our lives waiting to receive before we give or put any energy out into the world we will wait a lifetime to get what we truly want.

UL of Reciprocity is the synergy that has all the laws collaborate together to bring your dreams into reality. And it delivers exactly in proportion to the resonance of your true thoughts. So remember: Focus on what you WANT not what you don’t want.

To work with this UL, it is important to be present and notice the energy of your thoughts. Also take note of what you are receiving and experiencing in your daily life – this will show you exactly what you are broadcasting. Hard to acknowledge sometimes but it’s always true barometer.

Remember you are the director and producer of your movie – you decide what’s broadcasted and transmitted. You are in charge! Have fun dancing in the equal exchange of your broadcast.



Meditation and Journal Prompts

  • What type of energy do I want to put out into the world today?
  • Are my thoughts in harmony with what I want to experience?
  • What thoughts, feelings or beliefs do I hold that do not support the success I want to experience?

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