Tools of the Trade

mystical tools

The tools of the intuitive mystic are as unique & diverse as they themselves. Shrouded in mystery, we often give the tools more credit than the practitioner using them.

These ancient mysterious tools are a powerful way to jump start your intuitive skills – especially in the beginning. They are a fun way for a new practitioner to validate their intuitive hits on the spot, which of course builds confidence.

And like any powerful tool, dependence upon our tools solely weakens our constitution. It’s why blacksmiths learn to make the tools that they will need to make still other tools. Have you ever seen an artist who has only 1 paintbrush or a skilled craftsman who has only 1 screwdriver? The tools don’t make the art, the tools in the hand of the artist is what brings the canvas to life.

The same goes for mystical tools, all too often I’ve seen intuitives “lean” on their tools for the answers, when in truth the answers are within them. Mystical tools support our access to the Divine they are not THE access point – we are.

Remembering we are the artist holding the brush painting a masterpiece of Divine proportions we can easily tap into the brilliance of mystical magical tools of divination.

Here are some great tools to explore, as well as some fantastic experts to teach you how to use them ☺



Each with their own energy signature, traits, characteristics and support, tomes have been written on their gifts of wisdom and power. I was one of those kids who collected rocks, never knowing that those little pieces of earth were giving something back to me. 

One of the incredible things about crystals is that you can program them, assigning them specific “jobs” to do for you. For instance, programing a smoky quartz to clear the air in your office of any toxic energy or a citrine to bring forth success or a blue apatite to strengthen your intuitive hits during your readings.

Working with crystals as mystical tools is very sacred – this energy can be used by anyone who is open and willing to experience it. Reverence is a must. If you want to dive deeper into these tools, the crystal expert I highly recommend in learning to work with crystal energy is Karina Del Pezo,



These magical beings are ancient energy signatures that pack a powerful punch. There is much more to these beauties than meets the eye. I have been working closely with the runes for a couple of years now and I am amazed at how deep their wisdom runs. These aren’t your basic oracle tool, be forewarned, their formidable depths can bring chills to the most accomplished of intuitives and mystics.

My runes teacher, the irreverent wise Ingrid Kincaid says this about the runes, “The rune shapes are actually signatures identifying the elemental beings who are guardians of the wisdom held in the individual runes. It is not sufficient to study or research the meanings of the runes. What is vital is that you sit with them, listen to them, feel their vibrations and focus on their signature shapes, allowing them to teach you.”

If you feel the call to work with these ancient beings I’d like to introduce you to a powerful mystical rune woman, Ingrid Kincaid, a wise, irreverent teacher who calls it like it is and has worked with the runes for lifetimes



This device is as fun as it is powerful. With its origin dating back to Nostradamus this ancient tool has been used by not only Nostradamus but also by the Greeks and Romans who used pendulums to predict the future. A pendulum is a weighted object on a chain or string that when held by the chain will swing in a specific direction in response to an answer. They essentially respond to the energy field and detect when there’s a need for an energetic correction in our body, the land, or even our food.

They come in all shapes and sizes, out of all sorts of materials, wood, crystal, metal or stone. This prophetic tool is used to connect to answers and it is essential for the practitioner using this tool to have a clear mind while utilizing it. Any turbulence in your mind will be reflected in your pendulums response.



Some intuitives prefer using tarot cards others oracle & still others use simple playing cards. The beautiful thing about working with cards is, like crystals, you can program them with your energy so they resonate with you and your intentions while doing intuitive readings.

Tarot cards are a structured system with common themes, meanings and rules, where oracle cards cover multiple subjects and are more free flowing. With tarot cards there are typically 78 cards. With Oracle cards, there is no set number of cards. You can have a deck with 12 cards, 100 cards, or anything in between.

Mala Beads or Rosary

Mala Beads or Rosary

Mala beads and rosaries are strings of beads in a pattern to work with repetitive prayers and affirmations. 

A full mala consists of 108 beads and 1 guru or meru bead that is usually larger or a different bead entirely. The meru or guru bead is set to be the beginning and ending point of each practice.

Much like the mala, a rosary creates a sacred continual connection to a meditative state, which strengthens our connection to our intuition.

Using these tools, rosaries and mala beads, doesn’t mean you have to adopt a certain religious or spiritual belief system.  While rosaries originate from Catholicism, you need not be Catholic to benefit from them.

Moving your fingers along the beads, pausing as you hold each one for a prayer, affirmation or mantra, gives your body a movement to focus upon while allowing your mind to be fully present as your brain enters contemplative alpha state. Where you feel calm and deeply relaxed.  In this state, it is scientifically shown that we are able to use more of our brains in ways we still don’t completely understand. We slip into this state when driving, taking a shower, or just before falling asleep.  This requires focus on the present without taking a big part of active brain power that activates our beta brain state.

Using mala beads or the rosary allows you a few moments to connect with the alpha state of your brain which builds your ability to connect to the deeper parts of your mind – building greater intuitive clarity.

Paper & Pen

Paper and Pen

Seems a little too simple of a tool to consider for intuitive strength building, doesn’t it? Pen and paper are one of the easiest methods to tap into your intuition.  Much like mala beads and rosaries, studies in the field of haptics (the studies of the effects of hand movements on brain functions) are showing that writing activates several parts of the brain and compels your mind to be completely focused on the present moment, increasing cognitive functioning in ways we have yet to completely understand.

By writing daily, we boost our ability to connect to the Divine through paper and pen.  Beginning by writing stream of consciousness thoughts or even repeatedly writing the alphabet or nonsensical words, you trigger your intuition to take over and thoughts begin to sweep freely into your mind.

Practicing automatic writing techniques daily can bring incredible results in your intuitive hits.  As you read through what you have written, you will be surprised to discover what you have actually written.  You may not even remember writing certain pieces and may come across wisdom in your own handwriting that you never knew.

Building and honing your intuitive talents takes practice. Using these tools while remaining in the present and observing your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, will help you recognize when you are accessing your intuition versus simply thinking. 

Pick one of these mystical tools to add into your daily practice and I am sure you will see a big boost to your intuitive hits. And as always remember – you are the conduit to the Divine – a deck of cards or a pendulum isn’t your access to your magical abilities..YOU ARE!