M is for Meditation Hacks

Meditation Hacks

This week we’re continuing our ABCs of Intuition, with M is for meditation. But wait! Before you leave the page, rolling your eyes saying, “Geesh Lynnette, Meditation is OLD NEWS”, hear me out. This week we’re going to tap into some meditation hacks because let’s face it we don’t always have time to sit on a cushion for an hour to meditate. While long deep dives into meditation are essential to our wellbeing we also need to be able to tap into that energy regularly – even when we don’t have a lot of time.

We all know meditation calms the monkey mind chatter that clogs our intuition channels. This week I want to talk about cranking up the volume on intuition with meditation, but not in the ways you might expect. It’s time to redefine meditation from a chore to your intuition’s buddy.

Weaving Meditation into Your Day

Embracing meditation isn’t just about carving out time to sit quietly; it’s about weaving acceptance and presence into the fabric of your daily life. Stuck in traffic? Instead of fuming, turn it into a game of finding five new things you’ve never noticed about your surroundings. It’s about using every moment as an opportunity to tune in, not tune out.

The Success Amplifier

Practicing meditation to boost your intuition isn’t just about making better choices; it’s about living more aligned with your true self. Imagine navigating through life with an inner compass that confidently whispers, “This way.” That’s the power of a finely tuned intuition – it turns whispers into roadmaps, guiding you towards success and fulfillment.

All this is great, still I have clients who are busy entrepreneurs, C suite movers and shakers who need to access the meditative groove without sitting on a cushion all day. So here’s some meditation hacks I love using to boost my intuition and my daily groove.

Conscious Strategies Meditative Hacks

  1. Eye Gazing Magic: Lock eyes with a partner, or if you’re practicing solo gaze into a mirror, and just… look into your eyes. It might sound like a staring contest, but it’s a powerful way to quiet the mind and deepen your connection to intuition. And it only takes a few moments, imagine you run to the restroom, while your washing your hands gaze into your eyes. The external world fades, you’re left in a profound state of presence and clarity in a moment.
  2. Kaleidoscope Play: Yes, those twisty, turny tubes filled with color can be your gateway to activate the meditative energy. Watching the patterns shift is not just visually satisfying; it nudges your brain into a state of flow, silencing the chatter and amplifying your intuition. This is one of my favorites…I even started a kaleidoscope collection!
  3. Coloring Your Way to Clarity: Who knew those adult coloring books collecting dust on your shelf could be a treasure trove of meditative bliss? The act of coloring channels your focus, gently guiding you into a meditative state where intuition flows freely. Don’t have any color books? No worries – grab a piece of plain paper and scribble around, then color in the spaces between the lines.
  4. Puzzle Peace: Jigsaw puzzles aren’t just for rainy days. They require a blend of concentration and intuition to solve. Each piece is a step closer — not just to completing a picture but to syncing with the quiet wisdom of your intuition.

Meditation & Intuition: The Inner Connection

When we tap into this reflective energy we’re doing more than just taking a mental time-out. We’re entering a state of heightened awareness where the usual background noise of our thoughts, fears, and daily stresses is turned down, and our intuition can finally get a word in edgewise.

Why These Hacks Work Wonders

  • Eye Gazing & Kaleidoscope Watching: These visual forms of meditation bypass our tendency to overthink, creating a direct line to our intuitive senses. They pull us into the present moment, where intuition lives.
  • Coloring & Puzzles: Engaging in these activities is like putting our conscious mind on a gentle leash, so it doesn’t run off with our focus. This allows the more subtle, often overlooked intuitive feelings and hunches to bubble up to the surface.

So when your ego tells you that you don’t have time to meditate – consider one of these quick hacks to help you tap into that calm peaceful state. And here’s the kicker: the more you practice dipping your toe into the river of meditation, your intuition grows stronger, so does your ability to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace, confidence, and a sense of ease.

I hope this gives you a fresh look at new ways we can tap into the meditation state.

Happy coloring!!