L is for Love: The Heartbeat of Intuition

Hey friends!

This week we are being championing another powerful aspect of intuition in continuing our ABCs of Intuition Series. This week, we’re diving deep into the aspect of intuition that I find to be the most soul-stirring and sometimes most challenging aspects of them all – L for Love. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, cupid-struck love, though. We’re talking about the kind of love that fuels our intuition, guiding us to serve others and ourselves with a depth of understanding and empathy that changes everything, including our lives.

Love and Intuition: Cosmic Dynamic Duo

Imagine love as the golden thread that stitches the fabric of life and our intuition. It’s the dynamic force that enables us to truly listen, not just to the whispers of our own souls but also to the unspoken yearnings of those around us. When we direct our intuition to be of service to others, it’s not merely an act of kindness; it is a profound expression of love. The love that courses through each and every one of us. It’s an act of acknowledging the connection we all share, tapping into the collective consciousness where every intuitive nudge is a beat of the universal heart.

Flexing Your Unconditional Love Muscle (Even When It’s Tough)

But let’s get real. Loving unconditionally, especially those who’ve dished out hurt, is like trying to hug a cactus – it’s prickly business. Yet, it’s in these challenging moments that our love muscle truly gets a workout. This is a different kind of workout – one you don’t need a gym to participate. Here are a few heart-flexing tips to try:

Perspective Gymnastics: Before jumping to conclusions, getting angry or activating resentment protocol :-), take a mental backflip to consider the other person’s perspective. Remember, hurt people hurt people. Understanding this doesn’t excuse their actions, but it does add a layer of empathy to your perception.

Acceptance and Surrender Yoga: Practice letting go of the need to control or change the past. Acceptance doesn’t mean liking what happened; it means acknowledging it did and freeing yourself from its emotional shackles. Acceptance and surrender aren’t about passive resignation but about actively choosing to release the weight of past hurts. It’s about acknowledging what occurred while refusing to let it tether your emotional well-being.

Strength Training: Love requires strength, not just to forgive but to set boundaries. Loving someone doesn’t mean letting them walk all over you. It’s knowing when to say enough is enough and doing so with a compassionate heart. While this “training” can be challenging, it has been proven to be one of the most powerful ways to love yourself.

Love’s Role in Activating Our Intuition

When we operate from a place of love, our intuition becomes a lighthouse, guiding us through life’s storms with grace. Love sharpens our intuitive senses, making our guidance system not just about navigating our journey but about enriching the journeys of those around us. And tapping into that love essence not only clarifies our Divine Guidance System but also makes sure our journey and the influences we make deeply resonate with our soul’s purpose.

That being said, sometimes we don’t “feel” the love. In times like those I highly recommend you jumping into some energy gratitude work. Becoming present to what we have regardless of the challenges we have and will face gives us the strength to choose love.

Practicing Love to Amplify Success:

Using love and intuition in your daily choices makes sure that every aspect of your life – career, relationship, health or wealth, is touched by your connection to the essence of the universe – love. Making sure every outcome resonates with the truest part of you. Recognizing love as the powerhouse fueling intuition can seem revolutionary because it reminds us that our greatest successes, our profound connections and our deepest understandings don’t come from the head, they come from the heart.

To steal from one of my favorite musicians, Lenny Kravitz, “LET LOVE RULE!”

Are you game to exercise your love muscle? I am – LET’S GO!!


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