K is for Knowing and Knowledge


Hi Friends!

As promised we’re continuing our journey through the ABCs of Intuition. This week takes us to a fascinating pitstop – “K” for Knowing and Knowledge. But we’re not just dusting off old tomes of forgotten lore here; no, we’re diving into the deep waters of claircognizance, intuitive knowing. And more importantly how to know when it’s our true intuition and when it’s false guidance leading us.

A Tale of Two Knowings: The Plot Thickens

Picture this: knowledge is split into two realms. There’s the conventional realm, packed with facts, figures, logical how-tos – everything from riding a bike to mastering sudoku. That’s the left brain, logic, calculations, solid facts, just the facts ma’am.

Then, there’s what we call the creative side of our brain, where the mystical creative realm of intuitive knowing lives. This isn’t about logic or evidence; it’s the unspoken language of the soul, speaking in thoughts, a sense of knowing, impressions, or sudden flashes of insight. With claircognizance you receive knowledge about something you had no prior knowledge or awareness of. Have you ever had that happen?

I have – and early in my professional career people would ask how do you “know” that and my only response was “it just came through my thoughts”. What we do with that skill determines our sustainability in this field. Practicing is important yet how we use our skills is paramount as it determines our longevity as a professional intuitive.

Embracing Divine Knowing: The Heart of the Matter

To get cozy with your intuitive side, you need to understand its whispers and nudges. This isn’t your everyday knowledge, things you studied or have learned in your life; it’s deeper, more profound. Claircognizance isn’t just inner knowing, it is an energy that when you experience you “know” you are tapping into universal wisdom, a guiding energy leading you, without a map, offering wisdom that the logical mind might overlook.

Now, here’s the clincher: we all possess this inner sage. Yes, even you, skeptical reader. It’s a universal gift, awaiting recognition and nurturing from its holder, you. (wink, wink)

Practical Magic: Tuning Into Your Claircognizance

Embarking on this quest requires a few tools and tricks. Here’s a refined blueprint to connect with your intuitive knowing:

Seek Silence: Intuition can’t compete with the cacophony of daily life. Find your sanctuary of quiet. Whether it’s meditation, a nature walk, or simply a few still moments in the shower, silence is golden.

Gut Check: Pay heed to those gut feelings. The physical zings that accompany intuition – a flutter in the stomach, a chill down the spine – are your body’s way of signaling insights.

Journal of Wonders: Keep a record of your intuitive experiences. Note down those hunches and premonitions. Patterns will emerge, reinforcing trust in your intuitive signals.

Quest for Insight: Pose questions to the Universe before bed, during meditation, or in a moment of calm, ask and open yourself to the responses that might arrive in unexpected ways.

Leap of Faith: Trusting your intuition can be daunting. It might mean swimming against the tide of logic or popular opinion. But with each leap, your intuitive muscles grow stronger and more reliable.

The Crucial Twist: Distinguishing True Intuition from False Guidance

Now, for that 20% extra magic – discerning genuine intuition from its saboteuring imposter, fear. True intuition is like a clear bell, resonant and pure. It feels right in a deep, unshakeable way. It’s accompanied by a sense of calm, even if the message is a warning or a push out of your comfort zone.

False guidance, on the other hand, is often rooted in fear, anxiety, or wishful thinking. It’s the thought that nudges you toward what you want to hear rather than what you need to know. It might feel urgent, jittery, or laden with stickiness – more like a clanging alarm than a clear bell.

Here’s the trick: ask yourself, “Does this guidance bring peace, even if it’s challenging, or does it stir turmoil?” True intuition, even when it leads you through tough decisions, carries a quiet assurance, a feeling of safety. It’s that “knowing” feeling, beyond words or reason.

Unveiling the Mystery: Stories from Practitioners

To illustrate, let’s peek into the diary of intuitive marvels. Like the friend who awoke with an urgent feeling to check on her baby, discovering the crib situation just in time. Or the countless moments of choosing an alternate path home on a whim, only to learn later of the mishaps avoided. That sense of knowing, when we trust it and follow it we have access to all the secret codes of the universe, we know through our claircognizance we share in the universal mind.

Embracing Your Divine Knowing

To wrap our dive into our ABCs this week, embracing your intuitive knowledge is like uncovering an ancient treasure within. It’s a quest of self-discovery, balancing the scales between the logical and the intuitive. The voyage to harnessing this “K” in the ABCs of Intuition promises a life navigated with confidence, grace, and an intimate connection to the universal wisdom that dances within us all.

So, darlin friends, as we celebrate the Knowing and Knowledge of our intuitive selves, remember: the true guide is nestled within, quietly awaiting your attention.

Here’s to the treasures you’ll discover on this wondrous path of embracing your claircognizance and stepping onto a path of self-discovery!