Uncertainty – Life and Future

Life Purpose

There is so much media and conversation concerning the economy and how there is a treacherous storm making landfall. As both a business and personal intuitive success coach, I have many people consulting with me about our economic environment and their fears associated with surviving their struggle.

Often resignation sets in because they do not know what to do and consequently give up on their dreams and circum to the rising flood waters of fear.

Nonetheless, there are some simple actions to focus on when you are faced with the uncertainty of life and your future.

Those resigned are the ones who have given up on their dreams. They forget their passion since their everyday life challenges outweigh everything else. They stop before the miracle occurs.

So I ask, what are your dreams? Do you remember them? Or has life become a competition of endurance to continue merely existing vs. creating a passionate expression of who you truly are as a gift to this world?

Are you present to the possibility of your dreams? We are all given our dreams with a purpose. Did you know you were divinely given the passions in your heart to serve a purpose? I have many clients under the impression that they don’t know their life purpose. The interesting thing however, is nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone knows their divine purpose – it never leaves you – we simply hide or stop listening to it because we don’t believe it is possible to nourish our souls and our wallets at the same time.

Your task is to uncover your dreams again and pursue it! Your future and divine destiny are waiting for you to catch up. The spark of greatness is not outside of you – it is within you.

I understand that with the extensive media and conversation around us concerning the economy it may be difficult to rise above the talk of scarcity and live contrary to the conditional norm in abundance. Or otherwise said, to not follow the mainstream of thought steeped in fear. While the choice is a simple one, it isn’t always easy to implement. But you have to and I’m always a conversation away to help you on your journey.

Expand beyond your comfort zone. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You are never completely comfortable when you are raising the bar and comfort comes with doing the same thing over and over. Don’t allow it to lull you into complacency.

As Mark Twain said, “The secret of success is to make your vocation your vacation.”