Taking “impossible” out of the dictionary of life


At one time or another, and in some cases many times throughout life, we are faced with choices about where we “should” be going. The first question asked by many of my beginning clients is, “What is my divine purpose?” Often they say, “I don’t feel like I’m getting what I want in life. What am I to do next to have a life I love?” They wonder, where is the job that I love, where is the love of my life, where is the joyful life I thought I was destined to have?

The fact that we are the creators of our lives can sometimes be confronting, especially when it feels as if we are off path.

How do you know you’re off path? When things are not flowing with ease; when synchronicity isn’t showing up; and when little miracles don’t happen regularly. These are all signs that you are not in the flow of your divine path. When these show up, and believe me they show up for everyone from time to time, here’s what you want to do to get back on track.

First, do you have a defined plan? If so, recall your defined plan – what do you want to accomplish? If not, create one. Usually the first thing that takes us off path is a loss of focus on what is being created. Second, does this dream plan seem impossible? If so, GREAT! That’s where you want to be! The definition of impossible is: that which cannot be done, unbearably difficult, ridiculous or unreasonable to be accomplished. It’s easy to know all the things that cannot be done. As a culture we’ve become all too familiar with the word impossible.

Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” said one of the first things that he did when he purchased a dictionary (this was back in 1937) was to look up the word impossible and then neatly cut it out – so it was not a part of his vocabulary.

Doing the impossible is possible. Look at the Wright brothers. Did they believe it was impossible to fly? No. How about Henry Ford? Did he believe it was impossible to build an automobile? No! So this month, take impossible out of your vocabulary and your thoughts!

Dream BIG!