Cut the stress, cut the fat!

If you’re trying to slim down and shape up, then one of the first things you must cut out is stress! We’ve all heard of the dangers associated with stress. However, do you know that stress has also been known to cause weight gain?

You see, when you’re stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Too much of it has been shown to slow down the metabolism, increase cravings for fattier, saltier, and sugary foods, as well as store excess fats in the abs. Likewise, when you’re stressed, not only do you crave unhealthy foods, but, you may emotionally eat more. Similarly, while exercise is a great stress reliever, unfortunately many can’t create the motivation to get up and exercise…thus resulting in further weight gain.

Luckily, there are many things one can do to reduce stress:

1. Identify the stress source – One of the first and most effective things that can be done, is identifying the stress source. Surprisingly, what may be believed to be the source…may in fact not be the case. For instance, quite often, Conscious Strategies works with clients who are under the impression that they hate their job and can’t stand working the same role another day. Yet, after working with the clients for just a bit, it’s revealed that the stress is not caused by the job itself, but rather the work environment that needs to be changed. In fact, they actually enjoy their career and corresponding responsibilities.

2. Take on a minimalistic lifestyle – There’s more on this at But in short, reducing the clutter in your life (physical, mental, and environmental) and focusing on only necessities will allow you to reduce/eliminate your stress causers and in replace maintain the aspects of your life that you enjoy.

3. Live a healthier and active lifestyle – Grant it, stress causes one to eat unhealthy foods and diminishes motivation to exercise. Nonetheless, you must be stronger and smarter. Switch out the availability of unhealthy food options with healthier choices like almonds, edamame, fruits, and vegie sticks to munch on. Correspondingly, switch out traditional forms of exercise with those that’ll help reduce stress, such as dancing, martial arts/boxing, or outdoor running.

For more on stress and weight gain, check out this video by Dr. Oz And if you still need help identifying your life stressors and reducing it, contact Conscious Strategies at (424) 888-4140 or email LBrown@ConsciousStrategies.Com . Refer to this article for a free intro session.