Creating Wealth Spell

What’s the magic to creating wealth? I’ll tell you, but you have to listen and you have to follow my instructions carefully. It’s not just saying an incantation and poof you’ll see a money tree growing in your backyard. It’s not just lighting a green candle and waking up in the morning with a wallet full of riches. It’s not even simply going through the motions of what I’m about to show you.

The magic relies on your energy. It relies on your desire to create wealth…your belief in your ability to create wealth…your state of mind…and the subsequent paths you take.

So let’s begin…

Step 1) Clearly see in your mind’s eye what you truly want. How much wealth do you desire? How can you go about creating such wealth? Eliminating all negative thoughts and objections…create a plan in your mind of how you will go about creating your desired wealth. Visualize your actions. The time frames. And of course…the success.

Step 2) Be prepared, as step 2 is the most difficult step of all, but without this step, the magic will truly fumble. With authentic belief, believe in your ability to achieve your goal. You must, and I repeat, you MUST eliminate all doubts, negative thoughts, and destructive impulses…and replace them with faith, positive thoughts, and persistent and consistent actions.

Step 3) Consider what Isaac Newton once said, an object at rest stays at rest, while an object in motion stays in motion. In other words, understand that by taking the smallest action towards your goal, like a domino effect, it’ll lead to subsequent actions, which will ultimately lead to reaching your goal (i.e. a phone call will lead to a conversation, a conversation will lead to a business relationship, a business relationship will lead to an increase in wealth). On a side note, if an initial game plan isn’t working, then continue to adjust and replace it till it does. The most successful people in the world didn’t succeed overnight. They took numerous and countless tries.
Now…as I said earlier…believing in yourself and eliminating all the sabotaging energies is the key to success.

Therefore, to influence your mind repeat the following (at least twice a day):

I’m open to wealth, like the earth to the rain
My fortunes are low, I seek financial gain
I ask for more wealth, that which I need
This spell shall be cast for good and not greed
I cast it remembering the law of three
Its power shall harm none, not others nor me

Remember, it’s not the words you say, the tools you use, or the actions you take for the magic to work. It’s what you put into it that’s important. Create a clear goal, eliminate all doubts, consistently take actions, and with all intentions & power, send your energy towards reaching your goal.