An entrepreneur’s path to creating the focus to succeed (part 3)

So far we’ve discussed gaining clarity externally (financially, environmentally, and physically)… but let’s now discuss gaining clarity internally. To achieve this with Olivia, we went through a series of exercises to examine and brainstorm who she really is and what her passions are really about. As explained in Passionate Wealth and Creating Wealth – Don’t Give Up the idea is to create wealth from your passions.

We first looked at her actions when de-cluttering her external factors. We were able to take notice on what items she kept and what she eliminated. Those items kept describe what she holds most value for, thus laying the foundation to who she is and what she’s passionate about.

We secondly created a dream map. We looked at all the things that inspired and motivated her and created a visual display. Through the process we realized that she loves self-help and empowering others to also achieve success. She is happier in a zen type of lifestyle and has various short term and long term goals…all displayed on a single poster for her to take see – daily. The outcome of this poster will be a great reminder for her, anytime she loses focus and forgets who she is or what plan she is working.

Let’s now look at taking action. Olivia has clarity externally and internally, but what is she going to do about it to create wealth?