How does your intuition help with money?

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A question I’m asked a lot in my intuitive success coaching is, how does intuition help me with money?
Given that so often, money is a big pain point in our lives, I want to share with you 5 ways to tap into your intuition to receive help with money and have abundance flow in.

Money Intuition 1 – Decreasing Stress

One of the ways that your intuition can help you with money is by decreasing your stress.  You see, when you’re tapped into our intuition, you have to breath to connect.  Subsequently, as you’re breathing, your stress is also decreasing.  Since money and intuition are both forms of energy, when you’re connected to this energy, you’re working with two energies.  As such, when you’re connected to your intuition, your stress falls away, allowing your intuition to increase your confidence around money, which then results in attracting more.

Money Intuition 2 – Gaining Clarity

Second, when you’re connected to your intuition, you gain a sense of clarity and an ability to trust the choices and directions you’re guided to.  For instance, if you’re an entrepreneur, your intuition may guide you to specific offerings or provide you with knowledge on how to confidently change your practice.  In other words, your intuition will give you clarity, and in turn, you’ll gain access to the flow of the Universe.  If this sounds odd or strange, let’s think about nature for a second. Look at the impact that we’ve had on our Earth.  By not being aware, we can hurt the Earth through releasing toxins into the air and sea.  When we are aware, however, we’re all in it together, working together, and embracing the Universal Law of Oneness.  When we realize that we’re a part of the Synergy, we connect and our intuition gives us access to the flow.

Money Intuition 3 – Identifying Blocks

Additionally, when you’re tapped into your intuition, your intuition can show you where you may have blocks or places you need to work on around your conversation with money conversation (i.e. “I don’t have enough money”).  On a side note, I want to be really clear, I’m not saying only use intuition as a way to invest, work, or even manage your money. In such regards, I believe in utilizing financial professionals.  That said, this is about you expanding outside of the logic space. It’ about not just thinking it all through.  It’s about being flexible and following both sides of our brain. It’s about using your intuition and logic. INTUITION + LOGIC = SUCCESS = MONEY

Money Intuition 4 – Freedom


Money Intuition 5 – Creativity

I hope you can see that when you connect with your intuition, your intuition will support you and help bring you more money.
Using your intuition to help you with money is one of the things I love and a topic we teach in our Intuitive Coach Training course.
To learn more, check out Dr. Divi and my book, You Don’t Look Psychic – also, join us in Intuitive Coach Training (ICT). In our ICT program, we’ll show and teach you a new paradigm for living through Universal Laws, energy, and intuition based on our decades of successful practice. This is a 9-month transformational program that will lead you on an individualized journey to change your experiences and lives around money, business career, relationships, health, happiness, and more.

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