Ehwaz Rune: Meaning and Interpretation for Progress and Teamwork

Ehwaz Rune – I am a newbie when it comes to runes as I have only been working with them for 3 years.  I have found they bring incredible clarity and precision as to guidance.  Right now in my life there is a great deal of what I call de-pixeling; many things are coming apart to create something new.  For me there are many things happening, the biggest of which is embarking on a yearlong renovation of our home.  Taking our current structure down to the bones – the studs – and creating newly. 

As I sat with this I began to work with the Rune Ehwaz.  Let me tell you a little about this potent rune. 

Ehwaz is a rune that represents movement and progress. In the Elder Futhark, it is the seventh rune and is associated with the sound “eh” or “e”.  Ehwaz is often depicted as a horse or two horses facing each other, symbolizing teamwork, partnership, and the journey of life.

My Interpretation:

The meaning of Ehwaz is related to movement, progress, and change.  This rune represents the energy of forward motion and the power of partnership.  It signifies the journey of life and the importance of working together to achieve your goals.

Ehwaz can also represent travel and transportation.  It can indicate a physical journey, such as a trip or a move, or a metaphorical journey, such as a personal transformation or a spiritual awakening.

In divination, Ehwaz can be interpreted as a sign of progress and positive change.  It suggests that you are moving forward in a positive direction and making strides towards your goals.  This rune can also represent the need for teamwork and collaboration.  It may indicate that you need to work with others in order to achieve your objectives.

And because in the world there is always yin and yang, dark and light.  We want to look at the other end of the stick with Ehwaz because it can indicate a lack of progress or forward motion.  It may suggest that you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your current situation.  This rune can also indicate the need to work on your relationships and partnerships.  It may suggest that there is a lack of harmony or cooperation in your personal or professional life.

Ehwaz also speaks to the need to slow down and take a break.  Maybe you are pushing yourself too hard and need to take a step back in order to recharge.

Overall, Ehwaz is a powerful and dynamic rune that represents movement, progress, and teamwork.  Whether you are embarking on a physical journey or a personal transformation, this rune can provide you with the energy and support you need to move forward and achieve your goals.  I, personally, am going to use this energy to support me through our renovation, partnering with not only my life partner, but also all the talented craftsmen, artists, designers and experts who will be working with us to bring our vision into reality. If you are ready to build a dynamic partnership in creating – try working with Ehwaz!