B is for Belief


I wanted to share a simple yet powerful practice that revolves around the letter of the day – “B,” which stands for “Belief.”

A belief is a thought you repeated endlessly until it became automatic.

Here’s how you can practice this exercise, 5-Minute Boost of Belief:

1. Ground Yourself. Sit comfortably, plant your feet firmly, and take a deep breath.
2. Imagine: Close your eyes. Picture a bubble floating in front of you, glowing with a soft, reassuring light.
3. Fill It Up: Think of a moment when you felt happy, successful or confident. Allow that feeling grow and see it filling the bubble with energy.
4. Pop Your Doubts: Imagine each of your doubts as a dark speck. One by one, let them touch the bubble. As they do, notice & watch them dissolve in the bubble’s radiant energy.
5. Absorb and Believe: Visualize this glowing bubble merging with you, filling you with potent energy.
6. Anchor It: Place a hand on your heart. Whisper to yourself, “I believe in me.”
7. Open Your Eyes: Carry this energy of belief with you through the day.