The Resolution Solution

keeping a New Year Resolutions

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? If so, how’s it coming? Have you stuck to it?

A resolution is a long-standing custom in which we make up our mind and declare what we are creating for ourselves during the next 12 months. Often after making a powerful declaration, you will begin to notice your powerful mind, busy at work, running its program at the default settings in your subconscious of fear. These default settings create a little voice in your head telling you that your dreams, declarations and resolutions are impossible.

This is a perfect experience as it shows us our resistance to having what we truly want. Resistance to what I want? Are you sure? Trust me. These automatic settings were created for each of us in our pasts, when we were somehow disappointed and told ourselves we weren’t allowed to have what we wanted.

The mind creates the energy that determines what we manifest in our lives. If our minds can believe it – we can have it. In addition to our beliefs comes the energy of feeling. In order for us to truly believe or make something our truth, it must be held at the core of our being, feeling and knowing.

This isn’t always easy given our inherited automatic default. We wonder how our dreams, declarations and resolutions can be possible.
As I sat there declaring my dreams with my powerful allies (seen and unseen) on New Year’s, I realized that I must believe, feel, and declare my truths and allow opportunity to come forward, despite any conversations to the contrary. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

The great aspect of this adventure we call life is with whom we choose to travel and surround ourselves. These are the cherished ones who will hold that declaration, the promise, the oath of what we intend to accomplish and support us towards accomplishment. Others can more readily see in us what may take us a lifetime to see – our greatness. So with whom are you surrounding yourself to be your allies in creating your promises and dreams?

I am your ally, undeniably! Contact me to learn how to create living THE life!