Parent and Child Relationships: Communication is the Key to Establishing Healthy Habits

Parents and children must communicate to function. The parent/child relationship is one of the most dynamic relationships in the world, coming in billions of forms with billions of idiosyncrasies and billions of variables. Communication is the foundation for establishing good parent/child relations and creating excellent parent/child habits.

In order to enjoy a healthy and functional relationship, there must be consistent and open communication.

Dealing with Potentially Unhealthy Habits in a Parent/Child Relationship

Generation after generation have experienced their own problems in the parent/child dynamic. Some parents are too harsh, unloving and rigid, so their children may overcompensate by becoming parents who are too permissive. Their children in turn may feel that they lacked guidance growing up and may be overly strict with their own children. Great communication will serve as the foundation to the balance necessary between being a firm but fair, parent.

Though there is not an absolute in methodology or parenting tactics to create healthy habits in a parent/child relationship, communication will serve as a foundation to build all good habits upon. All too often children aren’t given enough credit. They are quite perceptive and able to reason at a very early age, and if parents would take the time to speak to their children, and more importantly to listen to their children, a deeper understanding and strong relationship would most likely develop.
Effectively Dealing With Unhealthy Eating Habits in Children – Parent/Child Advice

Dietary health of young children is at the heart of the health crisis in the United States of America. A switch in the mindset will enable health care to be seen as a series of good habits vs. treatment in a doctor’s office. Raising a physically healthy child means education for you, which is passed on to them, regarding establishing healthy habits. It’s tough to get it right all the time – the society we live in doesn’t lend itself to creating multiple meals daily with the right amount of leafy greens, bright fruits and vegetables and clean proteins. It’s hard to always provide foods that are perfect for digestion and optimal physiologic function the way health experts suggest. However, budgeting time and creating a meal chart is something you can do with your child to help them understand the importance of establishing healthy habits. It’s something fun to do on a weekend morning or afternoon, and it will put your family on a path to better physical and mental health.
Establishing Healthy Emotional Habits – Parent/Child Advice

It’s not easy being the “bad guy,” in the parent/child relationship, but there will be times in which you have to play the role to effectively raise your child. There are so many “bad” emotional habits within the parent/child dynamic, it is impossible to list them all – Neglect, incessant arguing, name calling, lack of discipline, too much discipline, abused trust, lying, bribery – all those things most parents are guilty of from time to time, and can become unhealthy habits in both parents, children and their relationship if they become consistent.

To deal with any unhealthy emotional habits, and effectively establish good ones again, the lines of communication must be opened. If something else is in the way of the time necessary to communicate with your child, weigh your priorities. Ultimately, fostering and facilitating the growth of a relationship between yourself and your child will take the top spot. If communication happens to be a problem, consider setting aside your normal activities, allowing your child to see the importance of time spent together conversing. If you have questions about certain issues, or how to better communicate with your child, there are many skilled professionals who are genuine and looking to help parents and children enjoy richer relationships.