How to be a wealth creating woman

There’s nothing more rewarding than being a mom! However, sometimes a girl just wants to be a girl, experience the outside world, pursue her childhood dreams of being a ballerina or artist, or just buy herself a few treats on the side. Whatever the reasoning may be…take note that you can be a mom and have the career or business of your dreams! If you pursue your passion, you will find prosperity!

Tips to achieving financial success…

  • Combine your skills and interests! To succeed…not only must you be good at something or learn to be good at it, but you must be passionate about it.
  • What is passion? As Oprah once said, “Passion is the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Try this…list all things you enjoy and are interested in. Do you see any patterns? Even looking at the things you aren’t interested in provides more clarity of what you do want.
  • Work in a motivating environment. Working out of the house isn’t easy. You probably have toys laying around. Dishes wash. Dogs to be walked or possibly kids hollering in the background. All things can easily distract you. So, what should you do? Create your own little working oasis, a place that motivates and excites you to create your vision, to stoke the fires of your passions and in turn increase your wealth.
  • Another option is to create a motivating mobile office. As moms, we’re always on the go. So why not create a mobile office. Grab that sexy bag, laptop, daily planner filled with inspiring ideas, a journal and pen, as well as anything else you need. That way, wherever you are, you’ll have the capability of working. ***And these days with all the technology and applications available on cell phones, you can have internet with you at all times.
  • Another important aspect to wealth, is health. Make sure you’re fit, strong, and healthy to not only have the energy to follow your inspirational vision, but also to create confidence in yourself.
  • Dress for success. If you’re working dressed like a frump, you’ll feel like a frump. If you dress for success, you’ll have the confidence and motivation to create success. Even if it is a coordinating yoga outfit that allows you to go from the gym or yoga class to your mobile office, simple yet not frumpy.
  • Get inspired. Whether it’s someone else’s success, an inspiring article, or even a motivating quote…post it up somewhere that you can see it as a daily reminder. Perhaps create a vision board.Dream your success, see your success, create the plan to get you there, and take it one step at a time!
  • Always find ways to create recurring income. Create something once, set up an automated system, and watch it generate income over and over without too much additional work. For example, let’s say you create and self-publish an awesome “How-To” eBook or book. You can then set it up on an online shopping cart that does all the work for you. Write it once, sell it over and over again. ***You can also collect emails and create a database of clients for future marketing campaigns.
  • Success comes from benefiting others. What problem can you solve? What value can you bring to others? What benefit can you provide? The answers to such questions is the answer to what service or product you could be providing.

Creating Wealth – Try one…try them all!

1) Become a freelance writer – You can be an expert on anything! You can have the experience or learn about it from research and interviewing other experts. Use your knowledge to write and submit articles to such article submission sites as Associated Content, Examiner, or About. You can also take your writing to the next level by writing a book or ebook and self publishing it on a site like (requires no upfront fees). If you submit it as an article, and if purchased, you can earn anywhere from $3 to $40 (averaging $10 an article). If you self-publish it, you set your own price and can resell one piece of work over and over again!

2) Sell on ebay and through other avenues – While this may seem overwhelming, believe me when I say many moms have succeeded taking this route. Visit, pay a small fee, list your items, and watch the bidding war begin. Alternatives to ebay are selling on Craigslist or directly to brick & mortar stores that purchase used items. You can even hold yard sales or sell at flea market. Either sell your own items, or purchase items at low prices and sell them higher. ***TIP – When you sell little things on sites such as craigslist, bundle them up. For instance, instead of selling 1 baby PJ…sell a week’s worth of PJs. Or, instead of just selling 1 dress, sell the dress with the shoes. By bundling it up as a package, you can sell it faster and at a higher price.

3) Sell your brilliance and talents – Were you an accountant? Can cook? Are you great at organizing? Do you know how to design websites or do graphic arts? Can you motivate others to lose weight? What are you good at and enjoy doing? Whatever that may be, sell your services. Perhaps become a consultant, independent contractor, or get a part-time job. Working for $20 an hour, 6 hrs a week can generate about $480 a month.

4) Make and sell stuff – I have come across so many women who earn thousands of dollars a month just by creating things and selling them on sites like Etsy. Anywhere from sewing little handbags to decoupaging wooden objects to even making little trinkets. How fun would it be to craft with your kids and/or other moms. Then, rather than hide your work in the closet or throw it away later, list it online to sell.

5) Try online surveys – I honestly haven’t taken any. However, talking to other moms…they say it can be a reliable source for earning about $100 extra a month. It’s not much, but it can add up. Here’s a nice blog on taking surveys online.

6) Building off some of the other ideas…create an information product based on your expertise – Remember, if you’re not an expert, you can easily become one…Research the topic, interview other experts, and learn about the subject matter. Out of your knowledge, you can create eBooks, Books, Instructional guides, Audio Programs, DVD Programs, Teleseminars, Webinars, Seminars, Membership/Subscription sites, Tools & Resources, Speaking engagements, Online courses, and even mastermind programs.

Do you think you can make enough to survive? YOU SURE CAN. Here’s a little inspiring math to put it in perspective…


As Jay Abraham once said, “You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence, & success. The problem is you don’t see them.”

So open your eyes. You can be a mom and be your own boss. Start with something that excites you…and there, you’ll also find your passion.