Intuition and Business Rewards

Business Intuitive

Would you like to gain business & career clarity as to where you are now, where you want to go, and what steps to take next to evolve into your highest expression in your profession?

How about organically grow your biz bottom line?

Would you like to receive guidance during times of chaos (pandemic anyone?)?

How about knowing which direction to move with new projects?

Would you like to be free from following everyone else’s opinions and confidently follow your own guidance?

Well…with intuition you can! 

In fact, your intuition will bring you crystal clear clarity to your business goals and sort out any confusion or chaos you may have. It’ll also help disengage old beliefs and patterns of sabotage and instead build a deep solid foundation of connection to yourself, your business plan, and the quality of service you provide your clients. With your intuition in your back pocket you become more confident and are easily able to manage the powerful choices required to grow your business dynamically.
Using intuition in your business is quite simple and as you can see, it offers huge rewards. Imagine using both sides of your brain when making business decisions. Logic and intuition! Once you know how to connect to your intuition you are able to cut to the heart of any business matter – from new opportunities to build capital to finding the best people to join your team. Reason being, when you are paying attention, you get direct and precise information.

4 ways your intuition can give you a leg up in your business include:

  1. Sleep – One of the biggest assets in utilizing your intuition in your business is you will sleep better. Not what you were expecting right out of the gate, right? Sleep is one of our main requirements to live. Guaranteed you will not stay up tossing and turning, wondering if the choices you made were the best for the success of your business. And a well-rested mind is a sharp creative machine.
  2. Creativity – Intuition strengthens your connection to your right hemisphere of your brain allowing there to be a surge of creative thinking.
  3. Confidence – Using your intuition enhances your business acumen and personal confidence.
  4. Provides Greater Value to Your Clients – Intuition strengthens your value as an entrepreneur and business owner. As mentioned above, when you pay attention, you receive precise information. Therefore, imagine understanding your clients on a deeper level and being able to be of service in a way that brings value to them. Via utilizing your natural ability, you will deliver your best to your clients and customers, as well as communicate clearer and better with all. 

How do you do this? 

  1. Practice using your intuition in your business daily.
    1. Ask questions and notice what impressions you receive.
      1. What is your top priority to accomplish today?
      2. Will this person be a profitable asset to the team?
      3. Where should we be focusing our new business direction? 
      4. How can we provide our best service to our clients?
      5. How can we improve our programs or offerings? 
  2. Use mindfulness to slow the pace of your mind so you can be aware of your body and easily receive your intuitive guidance.
    1. Take a deep breath and see if you can feel the air going all the way down your throat into your lungs and deep into your belly.
    2. Stop, notice, feel your feet.
    3. Drinking your morning coffee be aware of the temperature and taste as your beverage hits your tongue.
  3. Trust your intuition & follow it.
    1. Without trust you will just be chasing your tail.
    2. Start small, by asking questions you aren’t invested about in the beginning.
      1. Are there going to be pastries in the meeting?
      2. Will everyone be on time to the zoom call?
  4. Work with an intuitive coach as it helps build your understanding of your abilities and allow you to perceive your successes in a more meaningful way – enhancing what you’re building.

You see…as entrepreneurs and business owners in this digital age we are bombarded with market research, data dumps, and let’s not forget the social media analytics, all of which are valuable, but we’ve seem to have lost sight of our intuition. It seems our world is bringing us full circle – back to understanding our connection to nature and our intuitive abilities. 

When I began to trust my intuition, I was able to see my j-o-b at the time was NOT the career for me. Because of my income and being a single mom I didn’t think I had another choice. I thought ‘just be grateful Lynnette, at least you have a job. When my intuition came online, it was obvious I had to make a change, not just for myself, but for my children. 

It’s a scary undertaking to trust something inside of you. As Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  With your intuition, you find out why you feel called to your business.  

If you choose to undertake such an adventure you will find your business growing (sometimes in spite of yourself) organically without pushing or forcing. There is a natural rhythm that you ride and if you trust it enough you will surprise yourself with growth, expansion, and most importantly the EASE!