E is for EMPATHY


Growing up I was always told that I was too sensitive, overly emotional. Fast forward decades later, I found my “oversensitivity” wasn’t a negative trait, it was empathy – and a major pillar in the foundation of intuition, my superpower. Empathy is like having a special antenna that picks up on how others are feeling, spoken or not, understanding, as if you’re walking in their shoes and feeling their emotions with them.

“Intuition is empathy in action. It’s your heart whispering what your head knows but can’t explain.”
– Carl Jung

When left unchecked we can be overwhelmed by our empathy. In the beginning, as a professional intuitive, I was focused on opening myself up more deeply. Powerful, for sure, until I went to a book store and while browsing, before I knew it without provocation I was angry. Thankfully I was mindful enough to know it wasn’t my emotions, but someone in my vicinity and because my empathy antenna was wide open I felt it ALL. Walking through life’s busy spots, with our antenna wide open can leave us feeling exhausted.

Without empathy our intuition is stilted at best. Having the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a requirement of being an intuitive and even more so as an intuitive success coach. A coach, healer, teacher, or leader lacking empathy cannot hold their client’s visions while co-creating with them.

How do we keep our empathy in check – so we don’t overdo it?

Here’s a quick little check list for you to store away in that brilliant mind of yours.

  • Am I feeling others’ emotions just intensely as my own?
  • Do I need coffee after my last conversation?
  • Am I keeping a healthy boundary with other’s emotional upsets?
  • Am I getting caught up in someone else’s story? Possibly making it my own?

How do we calibrate this pillar of our superpower?

First, discern is this energy/feeling mine?

If the answer is no, acknowledge your empathy antennae is turned up. Then, practice discerning your emotions from those you pick up from others. This clarity is key.

Second, regularly tune in with yourself. Use mindfulness to stay grounded and discern when to engage empathically.

Recharging your battery is crucial. Simple acts of self-care can replenish your emotional energy.

Learn the art of stepping back. It’s okay to take a break from having your antennae up, especially in crowded or overwhelming situations.

Take note whether by sharing or by journaling your feelings and experiences. Allow your inner circle to support you by offering intuitive insights.

As an empath you can build your career and your influence through sustainability. This is done by remembering how important it is to fuel our own tanks. Knowing there’s no fuel in your engine won’t get you anywhere. Discern when to have your empathy wide open and when to let it run at 50%.  You’ll feel better because of it and your intuition will go through the roof.

“The deepest insights come to us not through logic, but through intuition. And empathy is the fuel of intuition.”
– Deepak Chopra