D is for Discernment 

D is for Discernment: Your Daily Intuition Amplifier 

Hi Fellow Mystics!

Today, we’re zeroing in on a crucial ingredient in your intuitive toolkit – Discernment. Imagine making ‘D is Discernment’ as your personal compass, one that guides you through the crazy busyness of life’s endless choices and voices.  

Maybe you’re wondering why is discernment non-negotiable for nurturing and deepening your intuitive skills? Here’s how I see it.  

Imagine a world that’s constantly buzzing – opinions flying left and right, a never-ending stream of information, and let’s not forget, the good old noise. In this whirlwind, discernment is your serene sanctuary. It lets you sift through the chaos with grace, picking up only what syncs with your soul. Think of it as tuning into a radio station that plays only your favorite tunes, skipping the unwanted static. 

Then there’s the matter of trusting your gut. Discernment elevates your inner voice, giving it the acknowledgment it deserves. It’s about embracing those gut feelings, those subtle nudges, and honoring them, even when they seem to walk a different path from the crowd. This trust is the bedrock of your intuition, strengthening it, making it louder. 

Let’s talk about your energy – that precious resource. Not every opportunity, not every decision that crosses your path is worthy of your energy. Discernment teaches you the art of selective (and conscious) engagement. It’s choosing experiences and relationships that don’t just add to your life but multiply your sense of purpose and joy. It’s about embracing quality over quantity, which in turn, deepens your intuitive clarity.

Overwhelmed by decisions? Discernment to the rescue! It simplifies your decision-making process. When you’re clear about what aligns with your values and goals, choices become less of a burden and more of an intuitive dance. It’s about moving with the rhythm of your inner wisdom, letting it lead your steps.

And let’s not overlook the sanctuary of inner peace that discernment builds. In this space of calm and harmony, your intuition doesn’t just speak; it sings. It’s challenging to hear that inner voice amid turmoil and discord, but in the tranquility that discernment fosters, your intuition finds its most potent expression. 

So, how do we weave this powerful tool into our daily lives? It starts with the small decisions – the seemingly insignificant choices that fill our day. From what we eat to the content we consume, each decision is an opportunity to ask, “Does this align with my higher self?” Remember, like a finely aged wine, discernment matures beautifully with time and practice. 

I like to think of discernment not just as a pathway to better choices, but as the architect of life that resonates deeply with your intuitive voice. Embrace it, practice it, and watch your intuition grow into its fullest, most vibrant form. Remember your intuition is a precious compass, waiting to be finely attuned through the art of discernment. Embrace this practice daily, and you’ll find your path not just illuminated but enriched with wisdom. 

Until our paths cross again here’s to discerning, growing, and thriving on your unique journey!  

Stay curious, listen to your intuition, and most importantly, stay true to you. 


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