The waiting is the hardest part – or is it?

Law of AttractionAs I was leaving the gym today, I noticed just outside people were starting to wait in line to see a movie that started 9 hours later. Some had chairs, blankets, and even laptops complete w/ orange outdoor extension cords to keep the charge rolling as the wait progressed. I had to stop to ask one of them if they were really going to wait 9 hours in the heat of July to see a movie. His response was a resounding YES! He was so enthralled in his response I had to smile. His enthusiasm was impactful and had me wonder what makes something worth waiting for?

Researchers, yes there are studies and even experts in the field of queuing psychology, and they have found that there is a definite correlation between our satisfaction and the perception and expectation of the line or queue waiting. So basically, if what you want is worth the wait and you know it’s going to be a while – you’re good.

Interestingly enough Disney employs more than 75 industrial engineers who support them with line management in their parks around the world. Assuring that while we wait we are entertained or at least having our perception and expectations fulfilled.

So, what IS worth waiting for? This question beckons an answer from each of us; the answer gives us direct access to our passions in life. Just as this avid moviegoer’s response to my questioning his wait was emphatic – our answer to what we’re willing to wait to get says something about our commitment to that passion or desire. Technology has created us to expect to have everything NOW, instantly. There are some things better cultivated over time, such as a mighty oak, fine wine or even great love. The growth, through time, expands our experience and us.

And as I look back over the years where I spent plenty of time waiting whether it was for a concert, the viewing of a rare van Gogh exhibit, or the birth of my children and grandchild it was all worth it. They all exceeded my expectation. So as Tom Petty says “the waiting is the hardest part” perhaps that’s because knowing what you want and the deep desire to have it brings forth a huge excitement which fuels our actions to do what it takes to get there, even if it’s waiting in a line for 9 hours to see a movie.

Believe in what you love and it’s always worth the wait…regardless of the outcome.

Until next time, with much love, Lynnette Brown