How Passion Directly Impacts Prosperity

Life’s short, so why not make the most of it? Think about it, if you had the option to either work at a dreaded job everyday or at one that you’re passionate and motivated for…which would you choose? Obviously, (will maybe I shouldn’t say “obviously”), you’ll probably select the latter. So while many wish to pursue a career that they’re passionate for, why don’t they? Two reasons are confusion and fear. If asked to describe one’s passions, many can’t. They can’t clearly articulate the things that provide them the greatest excitement and motivation. Respectively, once the passion is identified, many are fearful to act on them in terms of a career or entrepreneurship due to the lack of confidence in making a living from it. However, as long as a plan is set, you can prosper.

For instance, imagine you’re passionate for surfing or maybe acting. While on the surface, both may seem quite difficult to achieve a career in, you can if you plan it out. Perhaps you can pursue a career as a surf instructor, or a writer for a surfing publication, or a seller of surf related products. You can further examine the underlying factors of the passion. This may lead to the realization that the reason you’re passionate for surfing is due to the heightened feeling received of allowing your self free in a world of its own. Likewise, if you are passionate about acting…why is that? Do you really like acting or do you like the feeling of being in front of the public? All of these factors need to be identified to prosper from your passions.

For those who are stuck at figuring out their passions, try grabbing a piece of paper and pencil, and brainstorming. Write down all the things you love doing…your hobbies…things you love reading about…things around you that bring inspirations…themes in your décor…etc. Via writing, not only will it be a great exercise, but the end result will be a visual of your passions. After all are written, look for similarities and relations of the things that excite you. Furthermore, look at their roots. Which of these are you most passionate for…and why? Once you have the answer, use it to influence your career choice.

If you choose the employment route, select a career, company, and culture that share your values and allow you to express your passions. If you choose the entrepreneurship route, identify the target market you would like to pursue and figure out how you can utilize your passions to provide them with value. As long as you provide your customers with value, assuring your revenues exceed all costs, and you allow your passions to motivate you during the easy and difficult times of running a business…you’ll succeed. But remember, the first part to prosper is passion.

Part of Lynnette Brown’s passion is to help others identify theirs. As such, to help all in jump starting their plans on prospering from passions, she’s providing a complimentary intro session on brainstorming on how to identify their passions. To receive the complimentary intro session, give her a call at (949) 679-4772 and let her know that you’re trying to figure out what your passions are in order to prosper.


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