An entrepreneur’s path to creating the focus to succeed (part 1)

I recently met a young lady who gave up the corporate scene, to pursue her passion and own her own business. For confidentiality purposes, let’s just call her Olivia. It was bitter-sweet for Olivia. She was excited to no longer answer to management, deal with office politics, or the nagging feeling of her efforts padding the wallets of management vs. hers. However, she was frightened by the idea of no longer receiving what she considered a “stable” paycheck.

The fright had escalated so much, that her stress levels raised and her mind began racing 100 miles per hour. She had many ideas and many to-dos; so many that she felt overwhelmed before she could even begin. Many people who start their own businesses can relate to those experiences. There are so many things to do, the overwhelming stress can result in a lack of focus and feeling of drowning, which causes many to stop or be at a stand still, per se.

If you’ve ever had the experience there are not enough hours in the day and/or you’re working your bottom off, not having the fruits of your labor or that you haven’t accomplished anything at the end of day…this four part series is for you. The objective for Olivia as well as any similar scenario is to create focus and the motivation to take proper actions to succeed.

But how is this accomplished? We have found these Conscious Strategies help:

1. Creating clarity externally via moving towards a minimalistic lifestyle.

2. Creating clarity internally via brainstorming and examining who you really are and what your passions are about. As well as how you can use your passions to generate income.
3. Taking action via creating appropriate to-do lists and tackling it one step at a time.

To learn more about the above steps as well as Olivia’s journey to launching her new focused lifestyle, please stay tuned.


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