Advanced Embodied Intuition

-An Immersion into the Divine-

Sedona, AZ | 3 Day Intensive
OCT. 5-7, 2018


As this is greatly an immersive experience, we are intentionally keeping the group small to give each participant specialized attention. SPACE IS LIMITED. If interested in attending, sign-up today!

Take your intuition to the next level!

Already have a sense of your intuitive edge, but no idea how to deepen it and receive more accurate information to support your clients and yourself?

In a fun and sacred, 3 Day Intensive, gain the tools and experiences to deepen your connection to your Divine intuition and receive more accurate guidance for your clients. Most intuitive practitioners experience their abilities plateauing after awhile if they stay in their comfort zone. Subsequently, mastering anything requires deliberate practice. The fastest way to expand your talent  is to practice with others who have been there and can guide you beyond your norm. Join Lynnette Brown, Dr. Divi Chandna, and Gina Anala in this immersion of embodiment. When working with the public as professionals you can often unintentionally take on your client’s constraining and limiting energy. This immersion experience, however, will not only reveal where you limit your power, but also how to build your power and success techniques. You will also uncover the connection between you Mind-Body-Sprit and Embodied intuition, as well as discover how to heighten it by re-wiring your neuropathways! Your 3 Days of Sacred & Fun Immersion experience includes:

  • Exercises and tools to expand your current abilities regardless of where they are.
  • Learn how to get precise, detailed information for your clients via Embodied Intuition and mediumship.
  • Understand the neuro side of your intuitive abilities to make access easier.
  • Sacred embodiment.
  • Sacred dancing.
  • Hands on experience in an empowering environment.
  • Healing sessions on the land.
  • Sacred ceremony with Medicine wheel and more.
  • Intuitive art & writing.
  • An amped up psychic connection.
  • See how your neural firing is paramount to receiving messages of the highest good for your clients.
  • Understand your thoughts and how they affect your intuition.

The intention of this retreat is to be a fun and sacred embodiment of your Divine so that you easily access & propel your Divine expression in the world forward!!

You will also uncover the connection between you Mind-Body-Sprit and intuition and discover how to heighten it by re-wiring your neuropathways!

  • Learn how to create the most aligned energy to receive intuitive hits with ease.
  • Although many intuitives burn out, find out how YOU CAN PREVENT BURNOUT by understanding your mind process and increase your self-care.
  • See how your neural firing is paramount to receiving messages of the highest goods for your clients.
  • Understand the grids created with your thoughts and how this affects your intuition.

Meet Your Instructors...

Lynnette Brown

An internationally known business intuitive, Lynnette Brown, has been practicing professionally since 1999. She built her business skills and knowledge base working for a prestigious Houston law firm, but chose to leave the industry to assist people with growth and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives via her intuitive skills. Lynnette is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Master, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Certified Medium & Intuitive, and an Intuitive Success Coach. She’s dedicated to helping people live the lives of their dreams, as well as offer the insights and tools to help them reach these ends. A mother of two, Lynnette is living the life of her dreams.

Dr. Divi Chandna

Dr. Divi is a family physician and the founder of the Mind Body Spirit Medicine. She now works as an intuitive coach helping people with health, life path, relationship issues, & more. She teaches and guides clients on their healing journeys of life. Dr. Divi has discovered that all healing starts with the mind, emotions, and the true connection to the Divine. The pillar of healing is within us and is accessible to all. Dr. Divi loves this work as it is a combination of the healing she studied in medicine and her passion for intuition and spreading the work of love.

Gina Anala

Gina Anala works with people by exploring a deep understanding of the emotional/mental body’s impact on awareness. Together we expand your fullness, increase your awareness and explore your wisdom of your field to open and be more attuned and responsive in your communication. Over the last 15 years she’s learning and sharing how we come together in an increasing complex awareness of structure and flow. Her cultivation of a wide full embodied self has come through deep collective work with conscious dance, network chiropractic, integral theory and STAGES, group embodied psychotherapy, and corporate business.

With Special Guest... Crystal Star Weaver!




Option 1: PAY IN FULL – $3,300
Option 2: 3 Payments of $1,200 w/ a $250 Deposit
Option 3: 12 Payments of $350 w/ a $250 Deposit

If you prefer making payments, upon paying the $250 deposit, a staff member from MBS Center will contact you to set-up your payment plan.

Pay Deposit for Payment Plans: $250

Pay In Full: $3,300